Why I like the Cabin

Why I like the Cabin
Yesterday Jeremy and Rae Lynn showed up.  As we gathered around a late night fire to engage in some Jesuit prayer action Jeremy asked me why I like the cabin.  I like the cabin because it is a place of peace, contentment, and rest.  Up here I have no timetable, no worries, no anxiety, and very little stress. 

I am in much agreement with guys like A.W. Tozer.  God is found in quiet solitude.  I enjoy walking with God much more than sitting or standing.  There are many hiking/ATV/snowmobile trails up here and one can hike for hours or days.  The majesty of God’s creation is present as one gets about a kilometer from town.  It is quiet, nothing to hear but the wind and birds.  I get a sense of God’s vast creation and how small I am in it.  I reflect how alone I am yet I still have the warmth of God inside me, walking with me, talking with me, comforting me.  I usually come up in winter and hike when its 15 degrees below 0. 

Tozer says that if we truly want to pursue God we must determine to find him and follow the way of simplicity.  God is as near to us as we want Him to be.  We must first truly want Him near.  Next we need strip ourselves of all that hinders and all that clutters our heart and mind. 

So very few people and interested in joining me at this cabin on my winter retreats.  Those that join me slide in to default forms of spirituality like bible study and prayer.  No one can discount the value of prayer and bible study.  I do a fair bit of both when I’m up here.  Now that I’ve experienced the spiritual disciplines of solitude, silence and meditation I wonder how people are satisfied with just prayer and bible study. 

I would recommend everyone to take a 3 day weekend once a year and get away to a place of solitude and rest.  Sleep lots, eat well and live in contentment.  It will do you far more good than almost any program or conference you can go to. 

  1. #1 by Robert Williams on July 30, 2003 - 2:55 pm

    My wife sometimes asks me what I do in my morning quiet time. How do I explain that a lot of the time I just sit quietly?

    I went camping several weeks ago. I spent many hours just sitting alone on the concrete picnic table watching the river go by. It wasn’t really intimate fellowship with God, but it did “strip [me] of all that hinders and all that clutters our heart and mind.” I really came back with a different, simpler focus.

    I didn’t know the right words to use to describe it, and it wasn’t well focussed, but it was like what you describe. I think that time marks the beginning of me getting off the spiritual plateau I was on.

  2. #2 by CWG on July 30, 2003 - 5:50 pm


    For the last few months God has been taking me back to the men of old that have proved that true authority comes from the very presence of God. We so often get caught up in the ‘dainties’ of christianity. Like the fruits or the gifts. If we get into the presence of God, we will be in the place where we can truly get the authority, healing or whatever else we as christians hope for. As the word says, in quietness and trust is my strength. Lead on Leighton, you are heading in the right direction……up.

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