Worship.Freehouse Part III

Worship.Freehouse Part III
The freehoue went well.  There were a lot more people than I expected.  It’s the Canada Day weekend and it is very common for people to go to “the lake”.  Camping is a big thing for many Canadians and our summer’s never seem to last long enough. Who wants to be in the city on a nice weekend?  The crowd at the freehouse seems to change each time.  There was nice intergenerational blend last night.

I had a bigger role than I’ve had in the last two.  Jordon is in Ottawa and John wasn’t able to come so I was the host.  I don’t mind being in front of a crowd but I’m not much for remembering details, so I ended up making a few extra announcements. 

I tried to do something creative.  I wrote this yesterday afternoon and read it last night.

Dear God

I’m sitting in a church
I’m talking with my friends
I’m wondering where you are right now

Theres nothing but the same
No change in my heart
No rest for my soul for now

Isn’t anyone trying to find you
Are we all going through the motions?

I’m so tired of this life
Just trying to get real ,sometimes
Is there something I can do
Something I can say
that would make it easier, somehow

I want to believe
I want to follow, but how
They tell me over here,
they tell me over there,
I don’t think they know at all

Isn’t anyone trying to find you
Does anybody here know the way?

I know that you’re real
And I’ve felt your love
And I want to know it more

Help me let go
The ignorance I hold
My vision is so blurry this night

I want to let go
What I’ve been told
And find you in the truth, somehow

We are so far
From the truth in our lives
Please light up the darkness for us

I also prepared a PowerPoint presentation that followed along with Avril’s “I’m with you”.  Some people really liked it.  I’m not sure how big Avril is outside Canada but she is huge here.  I’ve posted the Lyrics to one of her songs before and I recently bought her CD.  I find that some secular artists are better able to tap in to my heart.

I enjoyed the freehouse but I had to put a lot of preparation in to it.  I really didn’t feel like going to the organizing meeting last wednesday.  I kind forced myself to do it.  Last night got a little crazy when the oil pressure in my car dropped to 0 not long before the freehouse started.  I had to start walking around downtown to find some oil before the gas stations close.  My car survived and once I got some oil in to it she returned to normal.  I guess I should check my oil a little more often.

I’ve been busy trying to do too many things at the same time.  It’s a recipe for burn out so I need to reconsider all my involvements.  I’ve been through this before and it wasn’t pretty.

  1. #1 by Cathy J on June 30, 2003 - 9:17 pm

    Leighton – thanks for posting your reading from last night at the Freehouse. I enjoyed hearing it, and appreciated being able to read it again. I hope you consider posting more in the future! You did great all-around last night – thanks for being willing to do so much.

  2. #2 by Mark Humphries on July 8, 2003 - 12:34 pm

    I recently read that Avril grew up in a Christian home and started singing in church the whole bit…

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