First Nations Website Idea

First Nations Website Idea
Last night I was chatting with Linsay about First Nations issues.  Through different journeys we have arrived at similar conclusions about the importance of plight of the First Nations in our society.  The hard question for us was what can we do about it.  We want to be part of the solution without falling in to paternalistic patterns.  We came up with a website idea.  A website that would target non-aboriginals (although I’m sure would serve all peoples) to provide some education and challange on the important issues.  It could also serve as source of news and information that would provide some balance against the current media bias.

My perspective changed greatly once I read a few books and listened to some people.  I believe that if others were exposed to the same evidence that I was their perspective would change as well.

What could this website do?

  • Provide an introduction to the history of the First Nation’s in Canada with articles to explore specific events and issues on a deeper level
  • Misconceptions section addressing commonly held errant beliefs
  • Publish links and articles relating to current important issues
  • Story vault – where people can share about their lives (success stories, examples of racism, residential schools etc…)
  • Provide links other First Nation’s websites and weblogs.
  • A weblog with aboriginal and non-aboriginal contributors
  • Speakers directory – if an organization wanted to hear someone speak to their group they could go here and connect with a conference speaker
  • Plug in to a grassroots peer network that could give perspective on national issues.  A place where people involved in national media stories can tell their version to address any misrepresentations.

Any comments?

  1. #1 by Chris on June 28, 2003 - 1:27 pm

    Great idea Leighton. I like where you are taking your learning and observations about First Nations issues, Christianity and society. Using blogs and the web to engage on this stuff is a great idea.

    Make sure that you don’t try to create a catch all site that has every link and every issue covered. Maybe just invite a few people to participate in a group blog to write about their engagement with these issues, as it affects them personally, in their communities. That way you can show what happens when people really begin to think about these things.

    Good luck!

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