I think its official

I think its official
A couple of days ago someone asked me what I was doing for church.  A question that usually requires a long answer.  That day I responded with “a friend and I are planning out a house church”.  I think its time.  I’m not sure what it will look like and I’ve never been part of a house church before.  I plan on journaling my thoughts and activities on this blog. 

  1. #1 by Darren on June 26, 2003 - 5:54 pm

    go for it – cant wait to read about it.

  2. #2 by linsaymartens on June 26, 2003 - 7:03 pm

    After hearing about the absolute sweetness of your basement … I can’t think of a better place to hang out in as a “house church”. I’m excited to see it grow and develop … my prayers are definitely with you as your contemplate and ponder where God is leading you.

  3. #3 by Kirk Trew on June 26, 2003 - 8:15 pm

    Hey LT,

    I look forward to the updates. Who is planning on starting this? I might be interested in being involved.

  4. #4 by Shane Nowlin on June 28, 2003 - 7:36 pm

    Go for it !!! A small group of people have been meeting in my living room for over a year now and it’s been wonderful. The freedom is great and we’ve become a family in the process. We live in the southern USA so we encounter a good bit of resistance from the organized churches but we believe in being the church and not ‘having church’. I look forward to seeing how you progress.

    Grace and Peace

  5. #5 by Mike on June 28, 2003 - 8:03 pm

    LT – what’s your address? We’re on our way.

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