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Logos Mobile Education

I’m a big fan of Logos bible software. It is more than just a bible program. It is a whole library and learning system. Now they have introduced courses that actually integrate with the software. The courses aren’t free, unlike Khan Academy or the stuff available through coursera, but they are a lot cheaper than a bible college/seminary course. The whole idea intrigues me but I think it falls short in couple ways.

In a typical formal course there is about 30-35 hours of classroom time. Most of the logos mobile ed courses only have 4-7 hours of video instruction. That is a lot less than a formal course, even though professors usually don’t lecture the entire time. There is usually group work and discussion in a class but 4 hours of video instruction for a course seems a little light.

There are no assignments, quizzes, or a mechanism to test knowledge.

You are also stuck with the particular theological bent of the online professor. I’d be hestant to embrace professors from certain theological camps.

I can see this being worthwhile if a church bought it and made a little online learning center in their building. That way more than one person could take the course. At that point it becomes much more worthwhile for the money. I think however, that Logos can do better by incorporating more elements being pioneered in Massive Online Open Courses.

However for people who don’t have the flexbility to leave their homes or jobs to go somewhere to learn, or those already in ministry and just want to continue their education it might be the best thing out there. Seminaries haven’t embraced massive online open courses like the universities have.

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