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The original contemporary worship song!

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Bethany Memories

Something terrific happens when you connect with terrific people.  At Bethany I connected with lots of great people, and many are my friends on facebook.

Here are some of the memorable ones for me:

Harry Unger:

Harry was the maintenance guy.  He was always great to chat with and he had lots of patience for the absurdities of taking care of a men’s residence.  It was during my second stint at the college in 2001 where he really blessed my socks off.  I asked that he be my “mentor” and while there was no formal arranged time we chatted lots throughout that year.  We watched 9/11 together and I observed how it seemed to profoundly impact him.  He spoke about how God wants to “jet” in to our lives.  About how God wants us to be “terrorists for love” and his perception of God’s love and grace was like a huge hose flooding a plain. He kept saying “grace” and “waste” that God’s love is so overflowing it just soaks through everything.  He had a connection with God that he struggled to articulate with words.

Doug Heidebrecht:

Doug was one of my mentors during my internship year at the school.  His hermeneutics course was one of the most influential, if not the most influential formal course I’d ever taken in my whole life.  I took the class with some great guys, and we were thoroughly challenged.  Doug is passionate about the scriptures and if you see his formal writing, passionate about footnotes.  I got to work with him for some time after I graduated and got to connect with him as he led study conferences across the country on women in ministry.  He was pivotal in leading the MB Conference through this issue and I believe to a more biblical position on the subject.

Rick Schellenberg:

One of the most powerful memories I have of Rick is in my second year.  We were in a van heading somewhere for a leadership retreat and we talked about my serious failings in my relationship with a girl in the first year.  He was good for me, gracious and wise.  He was the spiritual heartbeat of the school for many years.  There was another situation when he was president that totally impressed me.  He risked a lot to speak in to a very volatile situation that could have easily turned sour on the college.  His efforts made a huge difference and that situation was eventually resolved.

Rob Neufeld:

Rob was just plain terrific at his job.  As the director of finance he was the supervisor of my department.  He was fantastic to work with and very competently handled the school’s finances.  He also amped up his morning devotions with espresso, so he was always bright and cheery at 7:15 AM for the car pool out to the college.  Rob brought level headed perspective and a confident faith. He was one of those people who brought so much more than the job description required.

Gil Dueck:

Gil came onboard after I graduated.  Besides cheering for the right hockey team, he brought intelligence, passion, and a devotion to quality theology.  Sadly I never had him as a teacher, but based on what other people said about him, he was certainly among the best Bethany had in the decades I was connected to the school.  While I was at Bethany Gil blessed me with lots of great conversations and supported me through the same volatile situation Rick did.

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