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Scripture as we live it : Mar 4:33-34

In the tradition of Alan Knox’s series:

Mar 4:33 With many such parables finely crafted three point sermons he spoke the word to them, as they were able to hear it.
Mar 4:34 He did not speak to the church without a parable sermon, but privately to his own inner circle he explained everything his  strategic plans.

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I am writing, just not here so much

Hi there

I’ve been working on a big writing project.  I’m attempting to put my thoughts, ideas and values concerning church ministry in to something that will resemble a book.  I think I’m going to make it a website and publish it as a file one can read on e-readers.  It has been an engaging project for me.  I am very genuinely surprised how much I learn when I study the scriptures.  I have a couple of great software programs that have made the process of research and writing so much easier.


For years I used e-sword and really loved it.  It is a fantastic program and now that the ESV and the Good News Bible are available as free downloads it really doesn’t get any better as free programs go.  Because it is lighter and more agile I still find myself using it when I’m just reading the text and jumping between translations.   I still recommend e-sword over any other program for simple bible study. 

Logos has other advantages.  The sheer abundance of high quality resources puts it well ahead of anything I’ve come across.  While individual modules are more expensive than some other programs the packages provide an incredible discount over paper books.  It is easy to build the library with community pricing.  Before a module is developed they ask people to pledge money in a bid format.  When enough is pledged they develop the resource and those that bid get the resource for the amount that they bid.  So far I’ve picked up a handful of modules this way, most are old, but I now have a library on my computer that I’d be hard pressed to fit in any room in my house.

The ability to drill down in to a passage in unparalleled.   Type in a reference, hit the button the software goes to work for you.  Then you are one or two clicks away from lexicons, commentaries of all sorts, word studies, phrase studies.  What would take a half hour to just assemble in a library you can do in 10 seconds (especially with Solid State Drive and a half decent processor).  There are all sorts of language tools available that go beyond my skills. 

The interface is highly customizable.  There is incredible amount of power that lies in its menus but it takes some time viewing the tutorials to make use of it.


Scrivener is the software I’ve been looking for for my entire life but never really knew what I was looking for.  Take the power and the organizational features of Microsoft OneNote and combine it with a word processor then add features designed explicitly for composing novels, screenplays or intensive academic works.  Combined with dropbox it is extremely powerful solution for composing full length documents of all sorts.  I absolutely love it and it is only $40.  The only thing is lacks is a grammar checker. 


This software enables you to have your most important documents available to you on your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.  It is very helpful to use with a smartphone. It makes transferring files quick and easy. 

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