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Jana Bishop tells her story of leadership in a church that has bought in to Covering Theology. 

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iOS4 on iPhone 3G

I am loving my Google Nexus One running the latest version of Android.  To be honest I’m running everything on it but the phone, I’ll have to wait until Sasktel launches its new 3G+ network in August before I can hook it up.  Well I could go with Rogers (shudder). 

Sadly Google stopped selling this phone directly.  In Canada you will be able to pick up the Nexus One’s cousin, the HTC Desire.  Telus should be carrying it soon. 

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Resting well and being kind

I’m half way through my summer vacation.  I like to think it is the pinnacle of my existence during the year.  It is the time I enjoy the most anyway.  This summer has definitely been better than the previous two.  Last summer I didn’t get a real holiday.  We tried to staycation but I ended up working almost every day.  The year before that we tried a road trip to through BC.  After that little adventure we made a mental note.  If one of your kids has three diagnosed mental health conditions, perhaps it is best not to push things too much.

At the cabin the boys are starving for their lack of Internet and computer entertainment but for all their complaining about being bored, it has been a much more enjoyable experience than previous trips.  I can tell their minds are resting as well.

Anyways, I’ve found myself sleeping.  Naps in the morning, afternoon, and night.  It feels like my body and mind have been catching up on sleep it has been missing for years.  It might mean a bit more blogging in the future.

Yesterday I gave someone a ride home from the bar.  The bar up here is the only place I can get high speed internet.  Most days I go in and order a coke and try not too look too out of place.  Yesterday one of the patrons asked my wife and I if he could join us.  He was quite obviously inebriated.  He said something about being ditched by his friends and needing a ride home.  I offered him a ride.  The First Nation borders the resort village so it wasn’t a long drive.  We got to talking and it didn’t take much to connect.  I sensed a sadness in his heart and a lot of insecurity.  When he asked why I was being so nice to him I said that the Creator made everything good, and that He was worth something because the Creator made him. 

My words of encouragement stayed within the realm of overlap between my faith and my new friend’s traditional faith.  I didn’t go beyond that and I didn’t feel I needed to. 

Was I being missional?  Well I was sitting in place of a different culture.  It certainly isn’t my natural habitat.  I listened, and I helped, and I very genuinely cared. 

In some ways I think this stuff is a lot easier than we realize.  We are just scared and we don’t know where to start.  It is funny how it takes my daily addiction to the Internet to tempt me to in to go to some place that makes me uncomfortable. 


If Firefly came out in 1985

Check it out here. Don’t it just make you want to forget about the 80s.

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Gil Dueck’s Emerging Church


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Fitting in where you don’t fit in

I just spend a couple of days at an annual denominational conference.  I spoke in two workshops and spent plenty of time chatting with new people and making new friends.  Without a doubt I have been warmly welcomed by this new tribe.  The people are very nice and supportive.  They seem to genuinely like each other.  In the past I’ve been at meetings where the pleasantries displayed on the conference floor sharply contrasted the conversations occurring in back rooms and hallways.  

I believe in being part of a broader community but this journey towards finding one hasn’t been easy.  The sad reality is there is kind of a huge cultural gap between many of us on the margins and those in the center.  It came out in the questions I fielded.  At times I felt like quoting the architect from the Matrix.

Me: “I am the architect. I helped start this house church. I’ve been waiting for you. You have many questions, and although this workshop has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably conventional. Ergo, some of my answers you will understand, and some of them you will not. Concordantly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize it is also the most irrelevant.”

Interested Person: “How many people are in your church?”

I know of some denominations that split over Sunday School…I’d have to say there is a bigger gap between house church people and conventional church people. 

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Ambrose Cafeteria Greenwash

I’m staring at the screens in the cafeteria area of Ambrose University College trumpeting all the great green initiatives.

I just read “There is a green thread connecting everything we do.”  Later on we see “We don’t just talk about sustainability.”

If you were like me you might see the irony in using a computer and 5 40” monitors to display a menu and to trumpet green initiatives.  I looked up the specs on this monitor, it uses 240 watts of power.  Lump in the computer and we are looking at 1.25Kw.  Depending on how often they have these things are on (3 seem to be on only when the cafeteria is open, 2 seem to be on all the time) they could easily be using more than 1/2 the power of my entire household.  They are using a ton of energy to do something that was once accomplished with a whiteboard and dry erase marker. 

The meals here have been really good.  They have also been served on paper plates with plastic cups and cutlery.  The juice is in aluminum cans.  The paper and plastic are thrown in the garbage. 

This stuff makes me really mad.  More and more I run in to people who tell me “being green” is just a gimmick for people to gain some status and feel better about themselves.  There is a lot of truth to that right now but not everyone who believes in sustainable living is like that.  I am not like that, I’ve worked really hard to insulate my house, start a garden, drive less miles in smaller vehicles and reduce water consumption.

I’m feeling kind of grumpy…perhaps sleeping in a campground wasn’t the best option for me emotionally.  It gets cold in Calgary at night.