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My thoughts on the Kindle2

When I told people I was getting a Kindle over Christmas some people recoiled at the thought of using some gadget to read books.  They like the feel of paper and they want to read in the tub or some other such objections.

Well, after a week with my Kindle ebook reader I can tell you a few things that make it quite the upgrade from a book.

1) There is always a bookmark handy…well the system just remembers where you were reading.

2) You can read a book with one hand and never have to use the other hand to turn the page.

3) You don’t need a bookshelf

4) Buying a new book takes a few minutes

5) Have you ever been packing for a vacation and thought…I should bring a book, but what will I want to read?  You end up stuffing 8 books in a suitcase and only read one.  Why not take your entire library?

6) I can search it.

7) I can make notes without marking up paper

8) It fits in my netbook sleeve with my netbook!

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