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Ahhh, the fifties


Retail vrs Online

Being a tall guy I’m a little restricted in where I can pick up shirts and sweaters.  Pants aren’t so much a problem, especially since they can be altered.  I walked in to a local shop for men such as myself.  I had 3 pair of pants and 3 shirts.  The store wasn’t having a sale on so I asked for a discount.  I had done it before and got 20% off.  This time they refused.  If they had offered even 10% off they would have had my business.  I thought about it a bit and realized that I should check online.

I went to google and typed in canada big tall clothes.  Up came a sponsored link for Sears.  I guess they have a big and tall section in their website.   The selection is limited but to be honest with you I’m not that picky.  I found stuff for 20-35% less than the retail store.  It ships to the local store for free.  I can walk over to and pick up.  If I need to return it, I can return it to the store. 

I know where I’ll start first next time.   

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Proof that Star Trek 4 was real : We have transparent aluminum

Check it out.

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John Cleese : The Scientist


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Misguided intuition and honest communication

I know a lot of people function in this world primarily through their intuition.  As they observe things they make connections and impressions that seem to transcend what is more readily apparent to the senses.  Some times this happens so easily that they can very quickly gain a good grasp of what is going on in a given situation or relationship.  What it all means is sometimes people with strong intuition can read a situation well without being able plot out how they arrived at such a conclusion. 

This intuition can be something of a double edged sword because it can easily be skewed.  Pain, bitterness, anger, conflict and anxiety can seriously impair the clarity and accuracy of one’s perception.  Healthy people know this and are wise enough to take a step back from their perception and start thinking through things more concretely.  They might check in with others to get their impression and put their own conclusions on the shelf until things can be more fully sorted out.

Unhealthy people just run with it.   They become so biased that all their intuition does is reinforce all their preconceived notions.  There is little to no sober second thought.  They become horrible people to be in conflict with because they get upset over things that didn’t actually happen or things that weren’t actually said.  I don’t know if there is anything more annoying than having to endure someone who is flipping out over something you didn’t actually say.

I’ve often wondered about people who are constantly trying to read in-between the lines.  Are they constantly pretending and do they assume everyone else is just like them?  Some people in this world have stopped pretending.  I imagine some never started but I’m not one of those.  Deep down inside I care much less of what other people think of me than I used to.  I’m not going to say I don’t care, or I don’t feel  hurt or angry if someone is maligning me.  I will defend myself but I’ve long since given up on actively trying to manage people’s perceptions of me.

Aside from the times where sharing my honest opinion would be inconsiderate, I generally mean what I say and say what I mean.  That being said I have been know to be brutally honest about things regardless of the emotional consequences.

I hate it, I absolutely hate it when people decide that they know what I’m thinking more than I do.  When people are consistently reading in to things that aren’t there it is the beginning of the end for that relationship.  I have no stomach for people who treat me as if I have no integrity. 

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TED: Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss

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