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Prime Minister Dion?

I am really loving this whole scenario.  I can’t believe Harper decided to play political chicken with the opposition in the midst of our economic turmoil.

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Does Brad Wall work for Primatech?



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Mac Drudgery

After several days with my MacBook I can offer up some comparisons to my well worn Inspiron 6400.  They probably cost about the same at the time of purchase and have almost the exact same processor.

They say a video game system is only as good as the games you get to play on it.  I think there is some truth to this with operating systems.  I’ve tried to force myself to learn this Macbook I picked up but I keep returning back to my trusty PC.  There are a couple of pieces of software I just don’t want do without.


Windows Live Writer
If you manage a blog or a website there is nothing better than WLW.  I gave some of the Mac blogging tools a look but none of them have the features and ease of use that WLW has.

Microsoft One Note
MS One Note is the best software for organizing research.  I did find one program on the Mac that was better than some of the alternatives on the PC but One Note wins hands down.

My trusty HTML editor can’t be beat.

Corel Draw
Photoshop is better than Photopaint  but it is also a zillion more dollars. 

$10 a month for all the music I want to download.

The best free bible-software program out there

Google Chrome
It quickly replaced firefox as my main browser. (It does appear to be in development for the mac)

These software titles make up half of my quick launch bar!

It has a very nice display.  Very crisp and clear.  It is better than the one on my PC.  I still like my PC better for coding and graphics work because the screen is bigger. 

I hate the trackpad and the solitary button to go with it.  Yes, I know how to “right click” on the track pad but it just seems lame.  I want to use my computer not play can-can with my fingers.  The Mac desktops went with more than one button on their mice a while ago.  Why are the laptops lagging on this?  Just can’t get around to do this stunning innovation from the previous century?

The power adapter on the Mac is better.  Nicer connection, longer cable, and a smaller brick.

No normal VGA port for an external monitor.  I need an adapter?  You. Have. To. Be. Kidding. Me! 

The battery on the Mac has less capacity and takes longer to charge?

There is a significant drain on the batter while in sleep.


I find the dock takes up too much screen real estate, especially on a 13″ screen.

Spotlight is nice, but the searchable start menu on Vista is better.

Installing software seems to be faster.

The icons in the dock really do jump up and down like a Jack Russell Terrier

The button to turn off the computer doesn’t actually turn it off or go to sleep.  It gives me the option to choose so I have go back to the track pad.  I can’t even select an option with the arrow keys.

As far as visual appeal goes Mac OS X is more elegant than Vista but they are both attractive environments to work in.

It was hard getting used to the cloverleaf/c  for copying because it isn’t in the same place a the ctrl button.  I’d probably get used to that change eventually.

Summary of initial impressions

At this point in time I have to force myself to use the Mac.  It may grow on me over time but the initial intrigue wore off quickly. 

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Bad bunny, bad bunny, watcha gonna do

Watcha gonna do when the chickens come for you!

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Day 1 with the Mac

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it. It is a rather modest 13″ Macbook with a Core Duo processor. Similar to my Inspiron 6400 in terms of speed, it just has half the Ram, hard drive space, usb ports and “mouse buttons.”

Nice bright screen. The keyboard is adequate. I kinda like the little magnetic power adapter. It is nice to see that iTunes actually works on Mac OS. It really sucks on Vista, and I mean really sucks. I kinda miss Google Chrome, I found myself using that browser a lot. Firefox is running and it it is a bit prettier on the Mac.

Is Max OS prettier than Vista? It is more elegant, the design is a little understated. Thankfully Vista isn’t as cartoonish as XP, but does seem a little less refined than Mac OS. I don’t like the empty space on either side of the dock. I think the minimize/maximize animations are cheesy on the Mac. I really like the searchable start menu in Vista, most people don’t realize how great that is. They probably copied spotlight, but I like the way Vista does it better.

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I’m buying a Mac

It isn’t without a bit of fear and trepidation that I announce this to the world but I’m picking up a used Mac.  Increasingly I find myself doing tech support on these machines and I’m pretty much useless on them.  The best way to learn one is to own one.  A friend I know is going to sell me an older Intel macbook for a really good price. 

Anybody know where I can pick up a Dell sticker to cover up the symbol of original sin on the back?


Congratulations America

That was a long hard fought painful election.  I hope and pray that God will inspire your new leadership the make the best choices for difficult years ahead.  Obama strikes me as a man who will listen to sound reason and as one who cares.  He may come to conclude that some of his promises were imprudent or that they need to be set aside for more urgent problems.  I think he can do that.  I genuinely believe is a good man, a compassionate man, and he will be guided by his compassion and desire for justice. 

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Vote for Lando Calrissian

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

It is your destiny!

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Sara Palin and the New Apostolic Reformation

Huffingtonpost has post on Sarah Palin’s connections with the New Apostolic Reformation.  It looks like they made a sincere effort to understand the situation even if they seem to get a few things wrong (like their definition of spiritual warfare). 

Why can’t the church do their own discernment on this stuff?

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