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Christmas Gift Idea

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Is CUPE on drugs?

The union that represents the some of the employees at the U of S is on strike.  The university has taken the "appalling" stand that pay increments be tied to job performance.  Horror of horrors!  Imagine people getting rewarded for making an effort to pursue excellence in their job!?  Do these guys realize how this looks to the vast majority of us that don’t get every third friday off! 

The union is concerned that unscrupulous managers will be unfair in their evaluations denying people a pay increase they rightfully deserve.  How can anything be any more unfair than giving everyone the same raise all the time?

McKaig said it’s "appalling" the university continues to pursue pay increments tied to job performance, which he called "archaic thinking," "old-school economics" and "seriously flawed."

"It’s frustrating that the university is choosing . . . to stand on a principle that’s keeping the students from their education," McKaig said. "It’s keeping our members from their jobs and their vocational livelihood — keeping the food off the table and the mortgages not paid — standing on principle."

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McLaren: Consumerism is an idol and buy my book

I don’t even know where to begin.  In Brian McLaren’s Christmas message he starts out by telling people to buy the CD he produced, then he tells everyone to buy his book and give it away.  Later on he points out that "Consumerism is the notion that the more we consume the better off we will be. As I explain in the book, it’s the supreme idolatry of our times."

You can also spend $100 to register for "everything must change tour".   This tour is part of  "this emerging movement of transformation and this growing revolution of hope."  You can check out more of at 

I don’t get it.  How can anyone say buy my stuff and give it to your friends and then say consumerism is the supreme idolatry of our times?  Bene Diction asks whether McLaren has sold out.   I don’t know but I do know there was a guy who led an "emerging movement of transformation" two thousand years ago but he didn’t charge a fee, although he might have asked to eat at your house!  If you need to charge for your revolution it isn’t a revolution.

The deception of consumerism runs deep.  I see it all over the place as the church drifts towards fee-for-service ministry.  Increasingly we have adopted the marketplace as tool to further our objectives somewhat blind to the reality that the marketplace changes us.  In this era of ecclesial relativism people buy in to whatever works to bring people in to the building or provide anecdotal success stories. 

McLaren has an "everything must change" tour…I don’t know if everything must change but one area to start would be our reliance on profit oriented publishing and distribution.  We should be the ones pioneering open source resources and low-cost electronic distribution.  We should be taking a different stance than the world on intellectual property and copyright. 

In other places of the world where church has almost no "resources" and it thrives.  We are inundated with stuff….Jesus junk.  We have libraries and libraries of it and has it really made a difference?  I don’t think so. 

This post might be one of the first on the subject.


One year with my baby girl

I don’t think I have the words to express the pure joy I feel around my daughter. She is very cute, very lovable and so much fun. Each stage of growth has unique qualities which I’ve found wonderful. As I see more and more of her personality come out I become more and more impressed with her. I really really love being her dad. I love her adventurous spirit and mischievous sense of humour. This girl is not afraid to take on her much older brothers and relishes each opportunity to do what the big people do. I don’t think I could ask for anything more. Having a baby girl has been one of the best things in my life.

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Bring on the Bombers baby

So the heavily favoured B.C. Lions managed to self-destruct in their own building.  Aside from the insane guy that picked up 4 sacks most of the team sucked.

Over the years ScottyD and I have composed a few songs to celebrate the eventual demise of the Leos.

The BC Lions Lick (Original creation)
Favourite Lyric: "Doug Flutie licks too"

Lui’s on his bum (sung to "Band on the run" by Paul McCartney and Wings)
Favourite Lyric: "And the BC fans throughout the land were annoying everyone"

Stop hey, whats that sound, the BC Lions are goin down! (sung to the tune of "For what it’s worth" by Buffalo Springfield)
Favourite Lyric: " Stop hey, what’s that sound, the BC Lions are goin down!

The most recent one is one of my favourites "Dickenson" (sung to the Tune of Innocence by Harlequin)
Favourite Lyric: "Dickensen oooohooooooooo"

So the Riders get to play their arch-rivals the Winnipeg Blue Losers this Sunday for the Cup.  Their #1 QB (and rider cast away) is out with a broken arm and in his place will be a guy named…get this… Dinwiddie!  This is all just a little much for this "banjo pickin inbred." 

I wonder what this guy is thinking right now.


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House church is settling in to a groove

It feels like it has been too long for me. Tonight my friends in church prayed earnestly for our oldest boy who has struggled a lot of late. It was touching to see genuine care and concern extended to our family. There are some things you miss when church is just a handful of people in a living room but there are things I long for that I’ve only found when there are a handful of people in a living room. Despite the reality that things never seem to go precisely as they are planned I often come away in better shape. Our group prays a lot and I really appreciate that.

There was another thing that was really cool. Our 11 year old really enjoyed the evening. He wants to lead a session on faith and use Maccabees. There is a profound lesson in this. If you make church simple ordinary people feel more freedom to participate.

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Calvert NDP RIP

Thank you Saskboy for posting this.


My take on election day

Yesterday I was talking to a dyed in the wool conservative about who is going to win the election.  I’d be surprised if the NDP won more than 15 seats and I’m very sure the Saskatchewan Party is going to win by a landslide.  While I am very sure of Brad Wall’s victory my conservative friend is not.  I think being a strong conservative in Canadian politics is like cheering for the Leafs.  The conservatives in this country have been disappointed so many times that they almost expect something to blow up for them. 

Saskatoon is normally an island of NDP orange surrounded by a sea of SaskParty green.  I’ll be watching to see how much the green sea rises.  I’m interested in seeing if the Liberals can pick up Saskatoon Meewasin and Saskatoon North West.  Ryan Androsoff is running in North West and as the only politician on my blogroll I’ll be cheering for him.  I hope Karwacki wins in Meewasin. 

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Willow Creek admits they’ve got it wrong! What the!?

I was just blown away by this video.  Greg Hawkins, an executive pastor at Willow Creek reveals the findings of a research done in over 30 churches including their own. 

Finding 1: There is no direct correlation between the depth of someone’s walk with Christ and their participation in church programs. 

Finding 2: The more people become committed to Christ the more dissatisfied they become with church programs.

I must applaud Greg Hawkins for being brave enough to admit these things.  The Willow Creek approach to church is probably the most duplicated in North America.  For the leaders of this church to put a question mark on all they have been instructing churches to do for decades is very significant.

I think a lot of people already knew this.  There is going to be the temptation to say "I told you so" among the church’s critics.  Those in traditional church settings critical of the seeker approach should be mindful that the Reveal process found broad similarities between different kinds of churches.  Some will ask whether we need radically different church programs.  My mind immediately goes to the question: Can we be the church without programs?  The obvious answer is yes if you meet in a living room.  Not so easy when you are 50, 200 or 2000 people.  Another good question is: Does biblical theology give us clues on how people are transformed in to committed disciples of Christ?  I think biblical theology does but we have taken a pass on scripture and followed more pragmatic thinking on the issue. 

Some will argue Willow’s rethink doesn’t go deep enough.  It doesn’t look like Willow is rethinking the seeker model based this blog post.  I think we have to give credit where it is due.  30 years ago Hybels and others sought to bring positive change.  They were heavily criticized and I honestly believe they were wrong but they had the courage to try something different.  While I don’t believe their "rethink" has gone deep enough they are far more brave than most in admitting they’ve had some things wrong. 


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