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We are back in simple church ministry

For over a year Mark Trew and I have been planning and plotting a simple church planting initiative.  It is called SeedLife. You read more about what we are up to at

We had our first gathering last week.  It was a rather simple affair, even as house church style gatherings go.  It felt really good to gather with people I care about and talk about the real things that matter to us.

This time around we are connected with a more "conventional" local church.  West Portal Church has partnered with us.  We are working with them with an aim to start a network of simple churches with strong ties to conventional churches.

Our network starts with one.  If you are in the Saskatoon area and are interested in being part of a simple church or leading one feel free to send me an email at 



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I’m worried

The more I research things like peak oil the more I become convinced that the world is about to change substantially. The world has likely seen the peak of oil production. Natural gas is not far behind.  We have rising demand from Asia and declining production in places like the North Sea and Mexico. No one really knows how this is going to all play out.  There is a wide range of opinion among those who acknowledge we’ve reached or come very close to this pivotal point.  There are some who wear the "doomer" label.  These people think western society is going to completely unravel without a cheap abundant source of energy.

I’m not quite a "doomer" but I have little faith in our political leadership.  There is nothing that can replace oil.  It is an essential component in manufacturing, transportation and agriculture.  Rising oil prices will eventually put inflationary pressure on the economy.  Rising energy costs have the potential to cause a worldwide depression.  I think the most vulnerable country is the United States.  Canada is a net oil exporter and is in a better position but most of what we sell goes to the US.  If they tank we will feel it. 

One way or another our lives are about to change considerably.  The potential for real hardship is significant.  So much of North America’s manufacturing base shifted to Asia.  What is going to happen when it gets much more expensive to ship all that stuff across the pacific?  What is going to happen to food production without abundant fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides base on petrochemicals?  Will the drive for energy create conflict with India and China?  What will happen to the millions of people that live in suburbia. 

In Saskatoon we have another bridge on the drawing board.  I doubt we will ever build that bridge because by the time we do it there will be much fewer cars and the ones that are on the road will be driving shorter distances. 

I think North American cities will reverse core as those who can afford it buy up everything in the center and the poor are pushed to the outskirts. 

I think will see a period of rapid inflation and we may see high interest rates like we did in the 70s and 80s.

Food will become very expensive and world over population will become a significant issue.

Natural gas will become so expensive that people will begin to heat their homes with electricty. 

We will see increasing pressure to use coal to generate electricity as we choose to keep the lights on rather than save the environment.

Agriculture will become more labour intensive and people will start their own gardens again.

I think people will blame corporations and governments rather than come to grips with their own patterns of limitless consumption.

Large religious institutions will no longer expect people to drive across town for worship services.

Our economy with go through a painful transition as we transition to a way of life with less and less oil.

I’m worried because we are like a teenager who has collected a fat allowance from doing a minimal amount of chores.  The easy money is drying up and now we have to start earning it with real work.  It is not going to be easy.


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Peak Oil in the Media : CIBC economist Jeff Rubin

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Moving on to the WordPress

Many years ago I wrote my own blogging engine because I thought blogger was brutal and I wanted comments. Movable Type was the premier platform back in those days I really didn’t want to try get it running on my windows server. Having my own custom built platform was fun. I never had much trouble with spam and I could make any feature I wanted. However I grew tired of trying to keep up feature wise and my most invested clients preferred wordpress. If you can’t beat em’ or you don’t really care to try, why not join em?

I think wordpress has established itself and I now have a linux server. With the installation scripts available it as easy to setup wordpress as it is to create an email address. It is a solid platform.

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Did you know the French blew up a Greenpeace ship in New Zealand?

In 1985 a branch of the French foreign intelligence services sank the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet while it was docked in Auckland, New Zealand.The things you learn while chatting with Kiwis in the afternoon!


Net Metering comes to Saskatchewan

Saskpower just announced that customers that create their own renewable energy can send that energy back to the grid and get credits valued at the same rate as we purchase from the utility. This makes renewable power more economically feasible. One of the biggest on going costs with wind or solar power generation is storing the energy in batteries that eventually need to be replaced. With Net metering the grid becomes your batteries.If I had the space and wind I’d definitely look at wind power with this setup.

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Greg Millen replaces Neale in Leafs booth

This is the best news I’ve heard in awhile! I’m not sure it is good news for Leaf fans. Neale might not know what is happening, but at least he wasn’t annoying like Dr. Millen.

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