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Becoming an unapologetic Liberal

Becoming an unapologetic Liberal

victory over Iggy and Rae represent a very positive turn for the
Liberal Party of Canada.  I think the Liberal Party has a great legacy
in Canada and over the last 15 or so years the Party shifted away from
substance to style.  In the previous term they suffered from terrible
infighting and the worst kind of poll driven politics.  Despite all
this I still believed they were the best of a bad lot.  I was at best
an apologetic Liberal. 

Dion represents a shift from style to substance.  He, like his
conservative counter part, is not flashy or charismatic but he can be
trusted.  When Dion says something you can be sure he actually means
it.  He isn’t going to go off making up answers as he goes along.

previous years the scandals didn’t bother me as much as the tangible
desperation to cling to power at all costs.  It is an incredibly
healthy sign that the Liberal Party has chosen to sacrifice a little
bit (and I mean a little bit) of electability for integrity and

Dion believed the environment was the number one
issue facing our country before polls revealed it is also the number
one issue for Canadians.  This is my number one issue as well.  I think
the Conservatives are definitely on the wrong side of this issue and it
will be the wedge issue that could provide a clear choice in the next
election.  The Liberal record on this issue is sad but I honestly
believe things are different now.

I think I can back the
Liberals with some conviction and some passion now.  I don’t always buy
in to all the negative rhetoric against Harper.  I don’t see his
government as far right wing.  Some of the choices we had last election
were income tax cuts versus sales tax cuts, government cash for babies
or increased day care spots.  Not diametrically opposed positions.  There was no
debate like Free Trade or no Free Trade. This next election could be
all about the environment and sustainable development.  There is a
clear difference between the two main parties on this issue.  I’ll take
Dion’s policy over Harper’s any day of the week.

Coyne’s piece is very good.


Dion vrs Iggy

Dion vrs Iggy

They are counting the ballots for the last round of voting.   I thought Rae would win but I’ve been proven wrong and pleasantly so.  I’m pretty sure Dion will beat Iggy and become leader of the opposition.  I’d be very happy with this.  The environment is my number one issue.  I prefer competence, substance and integrity to electability.  I think Dion has proven than he can communicate in English and he can win a campaign.  Iggy doesn’t have the experience and his views are not tempered by real world leadership experience.

I liked Kennedy’s message and drive towards party renewal and a stress on integrity.  I thought Rae’s release of his delegates was good move.  The convention looks like it has been a lot of fun.

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