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Lamentations from the Dead Mile

Lamentations from the Dead (formerly Red) Mile

As the 3rd period came a close my wife actually tried to console me. I replied “it’s ok, I’m a Calgary fan, I’m used to them losing in the 7th game of the first round.” I don’t know how this team, who got over 100 points in arguably the league’s toughest division could play like such chumps when it counted. With the exception of the first 10 minutes game 7 was an mindnumbing extension of game 6. There was no spark, no hustle or fire. Kipper was the only guy on his game.

My allegiance now shifts to the San Jose Sharks and the New Jersey Devils.

[Update] A recent quote from me in an IM convo: “It would have been more painful but I was lulled in to a catatonic state by the sheer boredom of watching the puck ejected from the Anaheim zone”


Thoughts on the budget

Thoughts on the budget

There are things I like and things I don’t like in the budget. I’m glad that the Conservatives chose not to entirely reverse the Liberal’s income tax cut. I like the cut to the Corporate capital tax. I don’t like the shot gun approach to tax credits on things like sports equipment and transit passes. These things just complicate income taxes which are complicated enough. These tax credits aren’t going to motivated people to use public transit like cheaper transit would. We would be better off funding it at the source.

The pension exemption is a good idea.

The $100 baby bonus is nice for some, but it still doesn’t help us find child care for the summer. I think the Conservatives played that issue well. They claim they wanted to provide “choice” for childcare as if people who raise their kids at home had no choice to do it. The problem is a lack of child care spaces and this budget doesn’t seem to solve that problem.

One billion emergency funding and a promise to revise Case isn’t going to do much. Now that I have a prominent client in the ag sector I’ve come to understand these issues better. Canadian farmers are squeezed just like coffee growers in the third world are. A half dozen multinational companies dominate the food trade and the farmers have accept what they are offered even if it less than the cost of production.

I’d still much rather see an income tax cut rather than GST cut but I’ll certainly be glad to pay less at the till.

Kyoto and the environment is really important to me and I’m very disappointed that funding for these priorities has been cut. The same goes for the committments in the Kelowna accord.

The Conservatives seem to be cutting things a bit close. They are projecting a mere 600 million dollar surplus. Compared to the 6-9 billion surpluses under the Liberals there isn’t a lot of flex.

I’m underwhelmed.

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