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Just hit the ball

Just hit the ball

Dash has an interesting post on the “bad” of the emerging church. While I don’t find much to disagree I’d like to add a point.

He identifies




Fear over tackling some issues

Unwilling to critique post-modern culture

The “modern” church might be overly obsessed with numbers and dollars but the EC is way too concerned with looking smart, creative or cool. There is a big problem with this because the gospel is foolishness to the modern and post-modern mind. Despite this the gospel is to be proclaimed. If we ever re-brand Christianity so it there is no leap of faith in to the seemingly absurd we will have emptied the gospel message of its power. We can deconstruct church and theology forever and sit content because we think we are the vanguard of the church. In the end we are fooling ourselves because we’ve been tricked in to thinking we are something special because we read more books and have more creative gatherings while we still aren’t making any real difference.

We are willing to look down at the establishment when on most measures that count we really aren’t doing much better.

A friend of mine recently told me that my blog seems less post-modern than it used to be. I think that remark is true. I think I hit a point where I realized I’m never going to figure it all out. I should just go with what I know in faith. Any belief system, ideology or theology can be deconstructed in to some kind of fuzzy paralysis.

I also recognize that I should be willing to be look stupid or crazy or confused just because I believe in Jesus.

I think one of the major weaknesses in my walk is this desire to look intelligent or cutting edge. The more I’ve tried to be cutting edge the more I’ve realized that most ministry that makes a real difference isn’t flashy at all. Most Sundays I spend an hour or two hanging out with my oldest son reading through the bible together. He absolutely loves it and so do I. I’ve seen real progress. I’ve begun to wonder whether the easiest and most productive change the church could make is parent’s properly investing in their children. It is an interesting revelation to me. Making a change in this area is easy; spend time with son, open bible, read together, talk about it, pray.

I’m thinking through a golf analogy related to faith. Hitting a golf ball is simple but the mechanics of your swing are complex. One has to:

Stand an appropriate distance from the ball

Aim in the right direction

Correct for wind, hazards and hills

Tee the ball up correctly

Use the right club for the shot

Use a full length or shortened swing

Grip the club the correct way

Don’t let the club slip in your hands during the swing

Don’t let your feet slip

Bend your knees appropriately

The club must hit the ball evenly or you will slice or hook (ball veers to the side)

If your wrists move the club too fast or slow you will slice or hook

If you look up you will top the ball sending it along the grass

Don’t be too tense or too loose

And more

One can be so worried about all these things that it has a paralyzing effect. In the end you just have to go up and hit the ball. You can only correct one thing at a time. It takes a lot of practice.

I think that is where I’m at these days. I just want to go up and hit the ball. If I worry too much about my swing I’ll just screw things up.


Matthew: Yes, Jesus loves Oilers

Matthew: Yes, Jesus loves Oilers

This morning my 6 year old son was singing this song.

Yes, Jesus loves Oilers,
Yes, Jesus loves Oilers
Yes, Jesus loves Oilers
The bible tells me so.

Do you think maybe I’m reaping what I’ve sown for the last 20 years as an obnoxious irritating Calgary Flame fan?


Farm Corp announces new plant

Farm Corp announces new plant

One of the companies I work for just announced a big new project for Saskatchewan. Farm Corp has a minority interest in a debranning plant and biorefinery being built by International Debranning Inc. Debranning is a process by which different parts of a grain kernel are separated and used for different purposes. This plant will be producing stuff like energy bars, meal replacement bars and other stuff to be used in the nutraceutical industry. Farm Corp will be procurring all the grain for the plant as well handling some of handling some of the transportation logistics. It is a really big deal for a company that is honestly trying to help farmers.

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This is too cute

This is too cute


To Quinn or not to Quinn

To Quinn or not to Quinn

I’ve got one friend who is doing the happy dance because Quinn has been terminated by the leafs and another who thinks it is a bad idea. I think I side with Scotty. Quinn had all the advantages of a big budget for a lot of years. That explains the success. Even when they were winning they would often sleep for 2 periods and do something miraculous in the third. Quinn never developed the youth in the system and had a bad habit of backing some real lame ducks (Reichel, Renberg, Berg, Antropov). He also had this really annoying habit of juggling the lines. I have no idea how chemistry could ever develop. The only time the Leafs had consistency and chemistry is when they were riddled with injuries and 1/3 of the team had flown in from the farm. I think a good coach will bring out disciplined consistent play. The Leafs just haven’t had that.


The universe is a computer

The universe is a computer

Here is an interesting article. Ever since I became a programmer I’ve toyed with the idea that we are all in a massive multiplayer simulation we call the universe.

In genesis it says that God spoke the world in to existence. The only people that speak things in to existence are programmers. When you look at things like DNA it is hard not to conclude that it isn’t program code. How does one explain all the slightly different forms of animals on the evolutionary chain? Reused code! It seems more plausible than random chance to me.


The spiritual significance of being a father and husband

The spiritual significance of being a father and husband

Being married has given me a chance to test out all my idealistic notions of my single days. On the issue of gender and leadership in the family I’ve flipped and flopped. I started out with a fairly egalitarian view of family leadership which I largely accepted from society. That changed when my own personal bible study lead me to scriptures that seemed to indicate the need for restrictions on the roles of women. Slowly that was moderated as begun to understand God’s grace and stopped viewing the New Testament as some kind of new law. Eventually I adopted a more nuanced view of gender roles by wrestling with the interpretive difficulties of the seemingly plain restrictive texts and their inconsistency with other scriptures. I happily settled back in to a strongly egalitarian camp.

Now that I’m married I’m looking to settle in to a role and so far I’ve found myself taking a protective, nurturing and empowering role in my family. It feels like a masculine role. What does it mean to live in a masculine role? What does it mean to be a man? Despite society’s constant affirmation of the equality of the sexes we still expect men to be “men”. There are qualities that we equate with manhood. If someone was slandering you behind your back and refuses to face you “man to man” we think they are less “manly”. If someone was too afraid to stick up for themselves or face difficult circumstances we might say “c’mon be a man.”

Is there a certain kind of leadership (spiritual or otherwise) associated with being a man? Some Christians believe in strict and absolute gender roles; Men lead and women submit. As I reflect on it this doesn’t seem very manly at all. Why would someone with true leadership qualities need to make a rule to force someone to follow them? The people who normally do such things aren’t leading but controling. It sounds more like insecurity than anything else.

I don’t really buy the point that “absolute patriarchy isn’t our rule it is God’s rule and it says so in Ephesians 5.” Paul wrote to the ephesians that everyone ought to submit to one another and then went on to place emphasis on a few different situations. One can argue that Paul and Peter clearly instructed women to submit to men, but the reverse is also clearly instructed. Husbands ought to submit to their wives.

So what am I really thinking? I’m thinking there is something to being a man in a family. I think it does involve leadership but not the kind that takes away from others. The kind that empowers others.


Go Nuclear

Go Nuclear

Co-founder of Green Peace makes a compelling case for nuclear energy. Whether one believes in global warming or not coal causes pollution and smog. We can switch from coal to nuclear and breathe a lot easier. Other technologies such as wind, geothermal and solar will have their place but none of these can replace coal. The cost of natural gas will only go up and so will our electric bills. Nuclear energy might have seemed expensive in the past but now it is reasonable in comparison to our other options. Power from nuclear plants isn’t going to spike each time there is a hurricane or another war in the middle east. I think the medium term choice is very clear. We have to get over our hang ups with nuclear energy.


Canucks win race for 9th place

Canucks win race for 9th place!

They started out strong. They were considered stronger contenders for the cup than the 2004 Western Conference Champion Calgary Flames. In the last few weeks they competed strongly with the Oilers. With unparalelled ineptitude they managed out mediocore their Northern Alberta rivals and lock in 9th place.

I have one request of the Canucks. Could you please beat the Avs? I’d much rather see them in 8th place than the Oilers. Why you ask? So the Oilers can play Dallas again!

I leave you with the CBC’s special play off song.

There’s a dream that lives

Deep in every heart

Heros etch their name

Legends leave their mark

And it’s worth the sweat

And it’s worth the pain

Because the chance may never come again

Give it all you’ve got

Take your best shot

The fire burns deep inside

Stand among the giants

For the game belongs

To the swift and the strong

Though the flame burns bright

Lit in a star

This is the spirit of the game

And the legend lives on and on

But the chance may never come again

The chance may never come…again


Google Calendar

Google Calendar

It looks very nice. Very easy to work with. Doesn’t sent email notifications to my phone though so I probably won’t be using it.

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