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I'm reading

I’m reading “The Secret Mulroney Tapes”

I’m on page 135 of Peter C. Newman’s unvarnished look at Brian Mulroney. I like seeing the human side of Brian. I also enjoy being reminded of all the things that happened that made us so upset with him. Brian’s popularity plummeted because he cut John Turner to pieces over patronage appointments and went on to gorge himself on patronage. The Conservatives had been on the sidelines for a lot of years and a lot of people were waiting a very long time to get payback for all their selfless volunteer work. To be fair Mulroney appointed lots of women and minorities and was far more willing to appoint non-conservatives than Trudeau. It seems that in politics if you do something that is a mix of good and bad your critics will hound you on the bad and forget the good. I find a lot of political criticism disingenuous.

Newman believes that the rift between Martin and Chretien started over Meech Lake. Martin supported it while Chretien opposed. At a particular event the anglophone Martin supporters were shouting out “fondue” when the Chretienites thought they were saying “vendu” which means traitor. Crazy! I supported Meech Lake (a proposed Constitutional agreement) and I share Mulroney’s disgust for Clyde Wells who submarined the whole deal.

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It has been hard to write

It has been hard to write

Life has been very busy since December and it is only starting to slow down now. I can’t say I’ve had a lot of time to think or reflect on much of anything. Church was really good last Saturday. We talked about grace and the gospel. Two of my favorite topics. I bought Carol The Ragamuffin Gospel based solely on feed back I got from Dave King. It has been really good to work through some of this stuff with my wife.

I went for wings with an old work buddy of mine. He doesn’t follow any particular faith. It was very enlightening to hear his perspectives on things. In his home town a church located in an economically depressed neighbourhood lobbied the civic government to get BadAss Jacks to change their name. BadAss is a great little Subs and Wraps kind of place. My friends comment was something like “you think they would put their time and energy in to improving the life the poor people around them instead of getting upset over a sign”. I think this is a sign that some churches don’t actually believe that living and preaching the gospel is the primary method by which the church can transform society. We prefer politics.


Where is Vellacott?

Where is Vellacott?

The CBC has a list of potential cabinet ministers in a Harper government. Funny how my MP with several terms under his belt got left off the list. Stunning isn’t it?


I may be disillusioned with the Liberals this election but I’m very sure of one thing. I don’t want Maurice Vellacott to be my MP for another term. I used to be a member of the Canadian Alliance. I had a Vellacott lawn sign in the 2000 election. My support for him began to change when I started receiving Constituency mailings about Stockwell Day. He came to Bethany to speak in chapel and sold Canadian Alliance party memberships in hopes of recruiting a few more people to support Stockwell. Convenient timing.

In his campaign literature he says he was a teacher at Bethany. He taught one course in one semester. I’ve probably taught more than him and I couldn’t say I was a teacher here with any integrity. I’d probably have more grace for him if he talked about something other than abortion and gay marriage. I think he represents the worst kind of religious politics.

There does need to be a change in parliament. We tend to vote along party lines but sometimes you just have to vote out the less than capable people regardless of their views. In my riding we have a former provincial justice minister and a former mayor running against this guy. Both are a far better choice in my opinion.

This Vote Out Vellacott site has documented evidence of things I wasn’t even aware of.


I think I'm undecided

I think I’m undecided

After watching the debate I found several good reasons to not vote for the Liberals, the Conservatives and the NDP.

Conservatives. A few weeks ago I posted quotes from Harper’s speech. I posted it because the content of that speech offended me deeply. I’m so sick and tired of the attitude that Canada is second rate in comparison to the United States. I know people have tried to say that the speech isn’t so bad because of the context. That would fly with me if I hadn’t heard the exact same opinions spouted off by hard core prairie Conservatives for years. I know he meant that stuff. I can understand that opinions change. I used to be far more left-wing than I am now. But I don’t think someone who has trashed Canada and publically appealed for his home province to distance themselves from the Federal government should run the country. He just doesn’t meet my standard.

Liberals. I used to be a huge fan of Paul Martin. I don’t hold him responsible for the Sponsorship Scandal. But more and more he seems like some of the old entrepreneurs I used to work for. They promise shares in the company, big profits, profit sharing, big offices and large salaries down the road.

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The Liberals are sinking and I don't want to swim

The Liberals are sinking and I don’t want to swim

I don’t know if there is much more to say. Has anybody noticed that is a better campaign website for the Conservatives than the Conservative website?

At least the Flames are in 1st, the Canucks lost to St. Louis, and the Habs are in danger of dropping of the playoff bubble.


My Dad's abilities disturb me

My Dad’s abilities disturb me

It really disturbs me how fast my dad can break in to my car when I’m locked out of it. The handle broke on my driver side door and I was looking at $250 to pick up a whole new unit through the GM dealership. Apparently you can’t get just the handle. We went to Amigos. They are an auto wrecker in Clavet just south east of town on the number 16. We got the whole new unit for $60. That was nice. When we got home we set to getting the door open to change the handle. You may be asking why don’t I just open the other door. For reasons I won’t disclose here that wasn’t an option either. Anyway, two tools and about 30 seconds later my door was open. I’m amazed. There have been a great many times my dad can do something in less than one tenth the time it takes me.

I guess the same thing happens to me with computers. People will be struggling with something on their computer for a long time before they call for help. Sometimes I can sit down and within 30 seconds everything is working again. What they don’t know is about 1/4 of the time those 30 second jobs are a fix to something I screwed up when I set it up earlier in the day. “Oooooh, what you need to do here is check the this box to authenticate your smtp delivery.” Doesn’t seem to cut in to my reputation as a miracle worker.

Thanks Dad and thanks Amigos.

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