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I'm home

I’m home

I’m home, I’m tired, and I’m ticked off at the NHL and the NHLPA


Three cheers for Samsung and blogging

Three cheers for Samsung and the Syndey Airport

Free internet access delivered by Samsung! There are no chairs at the terminals but it is free broadband at its best.

On the way off the plane I was talking to an American tourist. Like me he connected with a whole bunch of Aussies online that came here to take a tour and put some faces to names. For many blogging seems like the hip, cool and trendy thing to do. For me it is just about connecting with people outside my bubble well enough for me to go visit them. It doesn’t make anyone cool, but it is very cool.

My American friend was using more common North American phrases. It was like a little taste of home before I get home. In about 14 hours I’ll be back in the center of the universe! God Bless America!


Listening to the Aussies

Listening to the Aussies

After spending several hours with a number of different Aussie/Kiwi church leaders a few things became to clear to me

  • Not a lot of North Americans listen and learn from the Aussie experience
  • They are the most dedicated to domestic mission in the English speaking world
  • They are not particularly impressed with non-practitioners
  • They have been experimenting for years now

Listening has been very thought provoking. I’m challenged by the willingness of the Aussies to experiment and move forward. They are not content to stay at the talking stage. From what I can tell Forge has been a big part of the story. It is clear to me they are years ahead of Canada in terms of bridging this new thinking about church in to reality. One of the questions I’m thinking through is “are they on the right track?”

The whole experience has made forced me to consider how we measure real success. We obviously used some sort of criteria to determine that the status quo wasn’t satisfactory. How then do we know when we are closer to the ideal? When can we tell if we are truly different or have changed at a deep enough level?


Photos from Taste of Liquid 2005

Photos from Taste of Liquid 2005

Check em out here.

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Taste of Liquid and more

Taste of Liquid and more

The conference I was invited down for was shortened to one day.  It was a good day though.  I have the advantage of comparing some North American gatherings, even ones I’ve hosted, to this one.  The biggest difference is that a stunning number of people involved were practitioners.  At another I conference I was at I’d say 80-90% of the people were established church leaders curious about the next new thing.  Liquid was the opposite. 

I had a number of really good conversations with people.  The conference felt like a group of people coming to swap stories and ideas rather than listen to the experts speak.  That might have disappointed some but I thought it was very good.  From what I can tell the people in Melbourne are well ahead of any place I know in bridging this “conversation” in to real action.

I didn’t have much of an agenda coming down but I did want to encourage the Australians to setup their own network like we did with Resonate.  They have so much going on but people are only informally connected.
There are lots of very good people down here and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 


Behold I Flickr

Behold I Flickr

I gave in and got a Flickr account.  Check it out here.


Melbourne is a great city

Melbourne is a great city

I’ve been to L.A., Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Victoria, Denver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa.  I’d say that Melbourne has them all beat. 

It rarely gets below 8 or 9 degrees.  The summers are warm and dry.

Compared to cities of similar size there is very little.

Rich and ethnically diverse. 

Warm and friendly

AFL rivalries are a lot of fun.  I think I’ve been tricked in to cheering for the most hated team in the league.  I haven’t seen much of the actual sport yet.

Melbourne is not without it’s faults.

C’mon you have to realize something is wrong if it takes 5 days to play a match.

Mutant Crickets
Well, I’m not sure what they are, but they sound like crickets and they are really loud.

Saskatoon: $44.95 for 5mb
Melbourne: $59.95 for 512k


Wifi in Calgary and Saskatoon but not LAX

Wifi in Calgary and Saskatoon but not LAX

Sometimes you gotta wonder about the US sometimes.  I’m sitting at some stupid kiosk with a crappy keyboard, and paying 25 cents US to access the NET!  It is taking me 3 times longer to type. I’m getting hosed on this deal! 

Trip to Calgary was great.  Dave King put me up for the night and treated me and others to the Dave King celebrity breakfast.  We talked about church, ministry to postmoderns, anabaptism and the Salvation Army.  All starting at 6am my time! 

I walked outside and experienced sunshine, warm weather, palm trees and green grass.  LA is a nice place, too bad there is this thick brown blanket of smog over everything.  I would be tempted to come back for Soularize if I could find a real cheap flight. 

Uh oh, I think I’m experiencing the McFester.  Why did I spent $7 USD on a fastfood meal?

Phil, when you come to pick me up look for a real tall guy with Canada on his shirt.