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Blogs Opening Iranian Society?

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I am Morpheus

These can be lame I know but I am such a Matrix fan I couldn’t resist.

You are Morpheus-
You are Morpheus, from “The Matrix.” You
have strong faith in yourself and those around
you. A true leader, you are relentless in your

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Postmodernism is dead: Now what?

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Old Jedipastor Mind Trick

Old Jedipastor Mind Trick
Have you ever been in a meeting where the leaders frame the discussion in such a way that you would arrive at the same conclusions they have already come to?  This way you can feel important because you came up with the solution and they get to carry out their vision free from resistance.

The Matrix is telling me these politics are juicy and delicious.  Isn’t ignorance bliss?


Why I blog

Why I blog
I have a lot of different reasons to blog.  Because I’m a thinker and a feeler I can deconstruct my own motives most of the time.  At this point in my life I believe the good reasons are stronger than the bad.

1) I believe God is using me
I feel great when people let me know that I encouraged them or spoke to their heart.  People matter to me a lot.  If I can give hope or encourage those who feel isolated or betrayed than I feel like I’m making a difference in the world.

2) I believe in the medium
I believe people learn better through conversation than they do through monologue or other forms of one way of communication.  I want everyone to learn how read, interpret, write and interact.  It’s a great medium because anyone can get started and everyone’s story has value.

3) I want to be a success at this medium
This is one of my darker motivations.  I’ve caught myself writing and realized I’m writing just because I want to impress people so I get more hits.  I feel I have some success already and the greedy part of me wants to build on it.  That and the day I get more traffic than Jordon  I can truly mock him for a previous “minty” blog design.

4) It enhances my “analog” frienships
I find that I can have deeper conversations with my friends that read my blog.  They can follow my thoughts and my life.

5) I’m learning how to communicate
It’s easy to be misunderstood on the web.  I’m learning how to cover many angles of interpretation so I don’t give people the wrong impression

6) I’m learning about what I’m talking about
I love been challenged on my ideas and thoughts.  It makes me a more well rounded person.

7) Business networking
I sell websites and do blog design and hosting.  I interact with lots of blogspot bloggers that need to upgrade.  Come to Prairiefusion…come to Prairiefusion.

8) I believe its part of God’s plan for me
This might sound cliche but I think I’ve found one of my callings in ministry.

9) I want to be part of the free theology movement
I hate the profit driven model of schools and books.  I think people should be able to learn for free. 

10) It’s fun


Getting a reputation

Getting a reputation
I’m a technorati addict.  Far too often I check it to see who has linked to me and why.  Today I found a great quote about me. 

“Leighton Tebay alone keeps the heat under portions of the church.” by Bryan.

I guess I’m starting to get a rep in the blogosphere.  Bryan, despite the fact that he cheers for a team that was quacked out of the playoffs makes a pretty good point.  The emerging church should examine itself with the same level of scrutiny that we throw at the establishment. 

For me it forces me to ask a number of questions.  Have I switched the markers of religious success from the standard buildings, bodies and bucks to blog hits?  Blogging is fun but like any other ministry there are temptations to do it for yourself rather than the kingdom.  How much are we different just because we want to be different so we can feel better about ourselves and look cool. 

If we go deep enough we will find the most of the problems in church are rooted in plain old human nature.  We may be able to structure things differently so we are less temptated to serve ourselves rather than God but that temptation will always be there.  This journey we are on isn’t about us, or modernism or even the meta-narrative (can’t we just say story?).  It’s about God.  


New media and the church in the 21st Century.

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Denominational Fun

Denominational Fun
The study conference was great!  It was way better than the last “postmodern” conference I was at.  I sensed a very sincere desire to talk about the issues that deeply affect our churches.  At one point I was really impressed with the tone of the conversation and how unpolitical it was.  As the conference went on I saw pockets of pastors in what I might call “pastor mode”.  I see it when pastors collect and start talking about the success or the strategy of their own ministry.  It seems like a lot of chest thumping to me.  In the last evening when a more controversial issue was brought up I saw things begin to get more political.  In my denomination there seems to be a regional divide.  The people on one side of the prairies are pushing the denomination on issues and the people on the other side are more conservative.  I must admit that I enjoy the watching the intrigue but I’m not sure its wholesome entertainment. 

The presenters were well prepared and did a good job of starting the discussion.  The form of the conference had a perfect blend of presentation of ideas, table conversation as well as open mike conversation.  The organizers did a phenomenal job.   There were 4 presentation sessions.  A written form of each presentation was available on the web prior to the conference.  After each main presentation there were two smaller ones.  One affirmed and one critiqued the session presenter.  Then we discussed the issue in our tables with a scribe.  These scribes would compile the notes and go through them in the next session.  On the 2nd day there were times for open mike question and statements.  About the only thing I would change would be to force the presenters to be more clear about the position they are taking.  If more presenters had given more concrete proposals it would likely would have helped guide our discussions.

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In the Peg

I’m in Winnipeg for the next couple of days.  I’m here to reconnect with friends, connect with some blogging friends and join in on a denominational study conference.

I met Mark Humphries in person today.  The story of his church eerily resembles what I’ve heard about Lakeview.  We had a great chat about life, ministry, technology and church.  It looks like the Lord his taking him on a new journey.  We talked about creating an open source network of media for use in alt worship.

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