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Bad Preaching

I preached this last Sunday in a small country church. I enjoy the smaller groups because I feel like I’m connecting with people. I did something that I never wanted to do. I did a poor job of preparation. There were lots of people who told me they enjoyed the message, and I was invited back, but I know that I didn’t give the sermon my highest priority. I hate it when preachers have 5 minutes of real content hiding amongst 25 minutes of filler. I’m afraid I was guilty of that this week. I approached my ministry opportunity as if it were some mundane task. I imagine that is a subtle danger in ministry.

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Kids can be amazing.

Kids can be amazing. I’m babysitting for a family I’ve known for years. 2 months ago the boys lost their father. It was a very sudden death and this family is young. I just put the boys to bed. The youngest one looked at me with eyes that melted my heart. He may have been trying to be cute so that I would stick around more. Somehow I don’t think so. There was a lot of warmth. I picked him up and held him for about 5 minutes. There was something I needed to do but I just didn’t want to put him down. It must be amazing to be a father. I’ve never tired of children because they are so easy to love. It’s even better when they love you back.

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