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Bringing Home The Banished

“I am bringing home the banished,” the Lord said to me.

“Who are the banished, Lord?” I asked.

“The banished are those who have been driven from the midst of My people,”
the Lord replied.

I then experienced the following vision:

In this vision, I saw the form of a large human body. This human body was
made up of individual people. Yet, the body was fragmented. There was no
uniformity to it. It was still a functioning body, yet it didn’t have the
appearance of health or wholeness to it.

I saw on the ground a distance from the human body a mound of discarded body
parts. I cringed and was repulsed by the sight.

I saw another, larger figure superimposed over the image of the large human
body. I sensed that this was the Lord. What caught my attention was that the
figure of the Lord would move first, then the large human body would attempt
to imitate the movements the Lord had just made.

I saw that some people which made up the large human body were not in their
correct places in the body. This caused the body to appear misshapen. When
the body moved, it moved in a spastic manner. At times, some parts of the
body (which were actually people) gave the appearance and impression that
they were moving contrary to the rest of the body.

Parts of the large human body also appeared to be missing.

The large human body was holding a large golden platter in its hands. I could
see on this golden platter all manner of delicous foods and drink. I then saw
groups of people who appeared malnourished and bedraggled. The large human
body was attempting to serve the malnourished and bedraggled people the food
and drink from the golden platter.

I watched as the malnourished people would grasp and grab at the items on the
golden platter. Their hunger and desire to partake of the food and drink on
the platter was quite obvious. Their efforts to receive the food and drink
were often rewarded, yet the whole scene was a picture of clumsiness and near

I saw that it was only because of the figure of the Lord superimposed over
the large human body which caused there to be any success in the malnourished
people being able to receive anything from the golden platter.

I then saw as the Lord seemed to step slightly away from the large human
body. He removed the golden platter from the human body’s hands and gently
placed it on the ground.

The Lord walked over to the mound of discarded body parts. He picked up some
of the body parts, walked back over to the human body, and inserted the body
parts back into the human body. The human body flinched and cringed when this

Sometimes, the human body would attempt to reject a body part the Lord was
inserting into it. At other times, a body part wouldn’t fit back into the
human body and would be discarded.

The Lord did this numerous times. Finally, the Lord bent down to the ground.
When the Lord lifted Himself back up from being bent over, He had what
appeared to be ropes or vines in His hands.

The Lord began to wind the vines around and around the large human body. The
body began to react to feeling the vines being wound around it. As the Lord
drew the vines tighter and tighter, I saw as each member of the body was
pushed together. Some of the members of the body reacted violently to this
tightening process and attempted to break free. This would briefly cause
further confusion and upheaval in the human body.

Through it all, the Lord continued to pull the vines around the human body
tighter and tighter. Finally, the Lord appeared satisfied and pleased with
the effects of the vines around the human body. He tied the ends of the vines
together and stepped a little way back to view the body. My eyes followed the
direction of the Lord’s eyes as I also gazed at the body.

The Lord bent down to the ground, retrieved the golden platter, and handed it
back to the human body.Then, the Lord once again seemed to become
superimposed over the figure of the human body.

When I saw the human body, I was amazed at its new appearance of unity and
uniformity. Each member of the body was in place. The body moved effortlessly
and fluidly as a whole. I could see how easily the Lord was able to direct
each and every movement through the body.

Then, the vision ended.

This vision touched me deeply. I sensed throughout the vision the Lord’s
desire for all members of the Body (the Church) to move and flow together as
a whole. I also felt a warning was contained in this vision.

There are many who have been separted/banished from the Body of Christ for
one reason or another. Whatever the reason may have been, it is no longer

I sense the Lord’s desire to bind up the wounds of the Church and make it
whole and complete once again. This can be resisted both by the Church and by
those members which have, for whatever reason, been separated from the Body.

The danger in this resistance, is that a people who are spiritually lost and
hungry for the Lord, will not receive that for which they are seeking. This
is a time and a season in which the Lord is preparing His Church for
soul-gathering. The Lord desires His Church to be healthy and whole in order
to gather in these souls.

May we submit to and not resist what the Lord is doing.

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