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The Towers have Fallen and We Missed the Message

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the twin towers of New York City
were destroyed. Five
days later right outside the door, you can still see the smoke
pouring out of the ruins. I
looked out my window because when I prepared this message in my
study I overlook the
whole scene and the smoke this morning was drifting over the
Statue of Liberty and all over New Jersey.

I stood there last night weeping and begging God for mercy.
Mercy for the grieving
families who lost loved one. Mercy for those still digging in
the ruins, retrieving bodies
and mostly body part. Mercy on the workers – the police, the
fireman, the volunteers
who openly weep at the indescribable destruction.

Times Square Church was given a site at ground zero. Pastor
Carter tells me that the
tents were put there – this church was the closest to ground
zero and to the disaster.
Workers were working and are still working 24-hours around the
clock and still working,
feeding and ministering and being there in this time of horror.

But you see, Times Square Church was warned a calamity was
coming. We are now in
the seventh week of a visitation of the Holy Spirit and if you
have been coming to this
church you know that even weeks before that the Holy Spirit
moved on the pastoral staff here to cancel everything.

We cancelled the Mission’s Conference, we cancelled the Youth
Conventions, we
cancelled every speaker. We cancelled everything to come and
call this body to prayer.
We started with two weeks of prayer and those weeks of meetings
continue this week
again – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and stopping
only when God says to stop.

But something indescribable has been happening in this church in
this past seven weeks.
Every service, as you witness today, a holy hush – a silence
from the throne has come to
this auditorium. There was one night when we sat for one hour
in total silence and
nobody could move. I remember putting my hands on my knees to
stop them from
trembling because of the awesome presence of God.

As the pastors began to pray and you remember if you’ve been
here, you’ve seen the
pastors weeping and wailing. I’ve seen pastor Neil laying here
crying out to God. We
were repenting. We were crying out to God and then the Holy
Spirit spoke clearly that it
was happening because a tragedy was coming – a calamity was
coming to this city and to
the nation and we didn’t know what it was. Suddenly a calamity
struck the nation and
especially here in New York City.

One network anchorman said this, and I quote him, “Just think of
it. Our two symbols of
power and prosperity have been smitten in one hour.”

He didn’t know he was quoting from Revelation 18:10, “.Alas,
alas, that great city
Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment

One of the police officers from this church who is working at
this site spoke with us, the
pastors, on Friday night and he said his fellow officers who
know he’s a Christian are
asking, “What’s this all about?”

Police officers and fireman are sitting down and just weeping
and crying like children.
Others are being asked now, “Where is God in all of this? Where
is God?”

There’s a lady from this church who moved to California, she was
active in this church, I
know her by name. She’s been gone about two years, she attends
a church in California
and she called this week, yesterday I believe it was, to a
sister here in this church who
then called me and said, “Please tell the pastors of the church
to keep on warning and
preparing the people because since I sat under ministers who
were warning I was
prepared and ready. Everybody in the church where I attend now
is losing it. Everyone
is weeping and they are going to the pastors saying, why didn’t
you warn us? Why didn’t you prepare us?”

She said, “Please don’t stop warning.”

Now understand where God is in this calamity. You’ve got to
absolutely believe in this
book. You have to put everything – all your faith in what God
says in His book. Not
experts, not those who are called. the talking heads on
television or, what
God’s word says! If you are ready to hear that we’ll begin to
understand where God is in all of this.

I can assure you God wasn’t taken by surprise. I can assure you
that every thought of
man is known by the heavenly Father. He reads every thought.
Every ruler, every desk
spot, every terrorist – God knows when he sits down, when he
rises, he knows where they are at.

Very soon they’ll be in hell because God deals with them. He
knows every thought.
Nothing on the face of the earth is done without His knowledge,
without His permission and even sometimes by His doing.

Years ago, in 1973, God gave me a prophetic word called, The
Vision. I distributed it in
a book and when the Lord gave me that vision is was so frightful
I begged with God,
please, I can’t deliver this word without some hope. You’ve got
to give me some hope. I
feel hopeless by what I see coming. If you want me to. you have
to give me something and the Lord did.

It was five words, “God has everything under control.”

Having received that word is the only way I could release the
message. I say again today, God has everything under control.

Now if you are a praying, Bible believer, you know instinctively
in your heart that God is
trying to speak to this nation and the world through this. God
is trying to send us a message.

Theologians and pastors all over the country even around the
world are saying to their
congregations, “God had nothing to do with these calamities.
God would not allow such a thing to happen.”

Because of that thinking and because of that preaching, we are
quickly losing the
message and missing what God is trying to say. We are missing

Beloved, we need a word from heaven. I’ve wept and grieved just
as others have but
deep within I’ve experienced this week a deeper grief than just
those who have been lost
in this catastrophe. I’m going to show you how God weeps. I’ll
show you how God
grieves over it and I’ll show you how God has no pleasure in the
death of anybody.

It’s the grief that if we miss the message He’s trying to
proclaim to us, if we turn a deaf
ear to what God is loudly proclaiming, much worse is in store
for us.

I found the word of God, the prophet in Isaiah spoke directly to
what is happening today,
right now. He spoke clearly to this experience. If anyone here
objects to my using and
Old Testament story as an example of God’s work today then you
need to be reminded of what Paul the apostle said.

“Now all these things.(in other words, everything that happened
in the Old Testament,
happened unto them for examples). they are written for our
admonition upon whom the ends of the worlds are come.”

Isaiah went through a similar experience in his nation. So
similar that it’s similar yet we
get from it how God moves in times like this.

For nearly 250 years God patiently dealt with Israel. Patiently
wooing and sending light
afflictions, as they were called at first. Light afflictions –
trying to woo back into his
blessing and into His favor and into His love.

They were called to humble themselves before the almighty hand
of God. All the
prophets came to them speaking the same word, humble yourself.
Turn from your
wickedness, turn from your wicked ways.
But the scripture says instead they served idols. That the Lord
testified against Israel and
against Judah by all the prophets saying, “Turn ye from your
evil ways. Keep my
commandments and my statues. They would not harken but they’ve
hardened their necks.”

This chosen nation, this so blessed nation of God, was called to
repentance. Instead they
began to mock their prophets. They began to follow vanity, they
became vain, they left
all the commandments of the Lord their God. They sold
themselves to do evil in the sight
of the Lord. Therefore the Lord was very angry with Israel.

God sent wake-up calls to Israel. One of the first was the
Assyrian invasion of two
provinces – Zebulun and Naphtali. Only the coast was touched in
two places. This was the first wake-up God gave to Israel.

Suddenly Israel lost it’s sense of security. It had never
happened in this measure before.
But it was limited damage. Their heartland wasn’t touched. It
was limited to two places.

But in it, God was speaking to Israel and Israel missed the
message. Israel was given a
second wake-up call and this one was very damaging, very severe.
Isaiah makes it very
clear, and I’ll show it to you in just a minute where it’s
located, that the enemies of Israel
– they were called the enemies of Israel, Assyria and the
Philistines – combined their
forces and suddenly attacked Israel. The attack is said to have
come from before and
behind. From the east and from the west.

Now we come to the heart of what I want to talk to you about.
Where was God in the
sudden invasion of his chosen land of Israel?

I’m going to go to the word and I’m going to show you from the
9th chapter of Isaiah, the
prophet Isaiah. I want you to look at verse 8 with me please.

In the midst of all of this – turmoil and chastening by the hand
of God – verse 8.

“The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon

Look at me please. Never in the history of mankind has God left
his people clueless
during a time of disaster. Never. He’s never left us clueless.
He’s never left us trying to
figure it out on our own. He’s always given an understanding.

God spoke to his people in a time of calamity. Even now while I
stand here God is
raising up prophetic messages today in pulpits all across
America and around the world.
They are preaching just what I’m preaching to you this morning.

I received a call from a pastor, a friend of mine from the West,
last night. He said,
“Pastor Dave, I have to deliver a message tomorrow to my people
and I’m scared to
death. It’s so against what everybody seems to be telling
people today. I’m scared to
death and I want to run it by you.”

When he ran it by me I said, “Well my friend, that’s what I’m
preaching tomorrow.”

All over the country because these men have heard from God and
they weep and they
grieve, they repent, but still they know that they have to
proclaim what God’s word says
and to bring the message home to our hearts.

I’m going to give you a word that I don’t think. I really don’t
want to hear, in my flesh,
and most of you don’t want to hear. It’s going to sound
heartless to some and cruel and
untimely and like unkindness in a time of grieving.

But if we don’t hear it, if we don’t face it, the nation is
doomed. Absolutely doomed.

“Therefore the Lord shall set up the adversaries of Rezin
against him, and join his enemies together” (Isaiah 9:11)

“For the people turneth not unto him that smiteth them, netiher
do they seek the Lord of hosts.” (Verse 13)

The Lord himself set up the adversaries. The people did not
turn unto him that smiteth.

Now let me tell you that God uses. For Israel during Isaiah’s
time God used the
enemies of Israel to rod, to chasten and warn them to repent.
God had to use it as a last
resort to bring them back into his heart. To bring back the
blessing and to destroy their
enemies and to put up walls of protection.

You read Isaiah 5, he said because of the sin God let the walls

God used Assyria – let me read it to you – as a rod to correct

“Oh Assyria, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand
is my indignation. The
weapons in their hand are my indignation. I will send him
against an hypocritical nation,
and against the people of my wrath will I give him a charge, to
take the spoil, and to take
the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.”
(Isaiah 10:5, 6)

He said, I’m going to take an evil nation and I’m going to use
it as a rod, as a last resort
to bring my people to repentance and to my heart. That I make
provisions and I provide
for it and I protect it but they’ve turned their backs upon me.

As soon as he was finished with Assyria, he destroyed it. Now
let me tell you what is going to happen to the terrorists.

Please look at chapter ten, Isaiah 10, verses 12 through 15.

God is saying, yes, now you’ve lifted yourself with pride and
now I’m going to destroy you.

I can assure you that it won’t be long until everyone is in
hell. God is going to do it. God
himself is going to deal- in some miraculous way he will deal
with all these adversaries
and the terrorists. You can mark it down – God will deal with
this. God will deal with it.

Suddenly as the Assyrians come and God in his love is chastening
Israel, suddenly the
buildings are collapsing. The Bible says in chapter 9, verse
10, the bricks are falling
down. Look at it, “The bricks are fallen down.thy sycomores are
cut down but we will change them into cedars.”

In fact, the forests were on fire, buildings were on fire.
Israel was in flames.

But I ask you a question, now listen to me closely please. Did
Israel repent? Is there any
national acknowledgement that God was warning? Did any of those
who were rulers seek God in the calamity?

No, because it’s very clear from the scripture the initial fear
gave way to a flood tide of national pride.

Look at verse 9: “And all the people shall know, even Ephraim
and the inhabitant of
Samaria [you see, this is the heartland] that say in the pride
and stoutness of heart.”

The word “stoutness” there in Hebrew is “a sense of greatness”.

A sense of greatness in their pride and a sense of greatness of
heart and they are saying
the bricks are falling down but we will build with huge stones.

“The bricks are fallen down.thy sycomores are cut down but we
will change them into cedars.”

Here’s what they were saying by their actions and listen closely
please. These calamities
are just fate. An unfortunate disaster that can’t be explained.

Aw, but we’re a great people. We’re a mighty nation unbending.
We are proud people.
Let the world know we will build it up bigger and better.

Where there were bricks we will rebuild with impregnable stones.
Where there was
cheap construction destroyed, the sycamores will build with
better materials. We’ll build
with cedar. We are a blessed nation – proud and powerful. We
will come through this trouble better than ever.

But you see, no one was asking, “Is God saying something to us?
Is God trying to speak to us?”

Does this sound familiar? God himself sent a covert
chastisement on Israel to wake them
up and to bring them back to himself to protect them but they
don’t even once
acknowledge His working in it. They don’t heed the message.

But they use this disastrous occasion to defy the very thought
that such a proud, great
nation could ever be humbled or chastened by God.

Now folks, I thank God for a moral President. We prayed for him
before this happened.
Remember we were pleading and interceding, “God give wisdom to
this President. God
something is about to happen. Give him wisdom.”

We have prayed and interceded for him. Thank God for the
Christians in high places.
Thank God that, at least temporarily, there is a turning to
prayer around the nation and around the world.

Do you remember the Gulf War? Do you remember how packed all
the churches were in
New York? Do you remember a whole three days of prayer? Then
the next week New York City came apart with parties?

Do you remember? A whole nation called to prayer. Thank God
President Bush, Sr.,
spent the night with Billy Graham on his knees and that’s
probably why it was successful in that occasion.

Thank God for people who are sober and beginning to re-think
their lifestyle. And we’re
to pray for our leaders and thank God we live in a land of
freedom but still we’re missing the message.

We have moments of silence and we call that repentance? We see
politicians on the steps
of the government building singing “God Bless America” and we
call that turning back to God?

We applaud the NFL for calling for a moment of silence at
halftime and we call that a
spiritual experience. Is that all that’s going to come out of
it? One moment of silence
and back to the painted faces, back to jugging beer and
screaming for their favorite team?

Back to sitting in front of the television laughing with Leno?

This morning I turned on the radio to hear what was happening
and they were re-playing
as the the Senators and Congressman on the Congressional
Building steps were singing,
“God Bless America, stand beside us, lead us, guide us.”

I wept and cried, I could hardly stand it because God was
saying, “David, don’t you
understand? There’s only a handful that believe that. These
are the same men that have
ruled me out of their society. They are trying to remove my
name from the school books.
They have aborted babies. And now they’re singing God stand
beside us!”

What hypocrisy!

These politicians pontificating about God now. The very ones
that are protecting abortion rights.

You see when a nation is under divine correction it will do one
of two things. It will
humble itself as did Ninevah or it will give God lip service and
then turn to it’s own
strength and power to rise above the correction.

The cry is rising now – “We have the strength and the power, the
ability, the resolve to
endure any disaster because we’re a proud and great nation.”

Now thank God for patriotism. Thank God for the American flag.
I thank God for the
temporary national unity and folks, that’s what it is. It’s

I thank God for the incredible heroic efforts and sacrifices
we’ve witnessed. The world
wonders at the fortitude and love of the New Yorkers in this
time, and the Americans in
general, in Washington, D.C. and everywhere.

But folks, we face now the same danger of missing God’s message
as did Israel. We’re
at the same crossroad now that Isaiah spoke of .

If you and I lived in Jerusalm and Judah at the time of this
prophet, I have a sense that
many of us would have walked out on him. We wouldn’t have
listened. We wouldn’t
have heeded it because the nation refused to believe that
Jerusalem, their favorite city, or
the nation of Judah could be brought low. And here comes Isaiah
preaching while all the
false prophets were preaching peace.

He said, “Shall not God as he has done to Samaria and her idols,
so do to Jerusalem and her idols?”

He said, What makes you think you’re exempt Jerusalem? Don’t
you know that I have
just destroyed nations all around you for their idolatry? This
same idolatry that you are practicing?

And he comes now with this message, “Shall not God as he has
done to Samaria and her
idols, so do also to Jerusalem and her idols?” What makes you
think your nation is exempt?

All across America now we hear of prayer and remembrance
meetings. Prayer and remembrance.

Now folks, we’ve got to remember those who died. That’s
scriptural, that’s honorable.
Thank God for what’s happening. But why do we find it so
impossible to call for prayer and repentance meetings? Why?

Is it remembrance and revenge?.. . this has to be dealt with.
I’m for that 100%.

But where is the call for turning back to God in America? Where
is the call? Where is anyone hearing the message?

Let me give you the message God is trumpeting. Time is running

I’ve sent you prophets and watchmen. You’ve been warned over
and again. I prospered
you above all nations. I endured your worship of gold and
silver. I endured your
shameless sensuality. I endured your mockery, your continuous
shedding of innocent
blood and murdering of babies. I’ve endured your timeless
efforts to eradicate my name, even from your history books.

Now I’ve stricken in hopes of saving you, that you would repent
and turn from your
wicked ways so that I could heal your land and I will destroy
your enemies.

Now folks, show me where that’s not scriptural. Prove to me
from God’s word that He
will not judge America as He’s judged Sodom, Rome, Greece and
now Russia.

I just returned from Russia a few months ago and walking through
St. Petersburg and
Moscow I was shocked at the total depression. The average wage
is $50 a month.
Nothing but broken down infrastructures. Everywhere men are
laying on the streets
drunk on cheap vodka. Drug addicts everywhere now. Such

I broke down in front of the ministers and wept and wailed.

We met at a hockey arena in Moscow because they tried to out
rule God out of their
society. They went down the same road we’re going down and God
said, that’s enough.

Russia is under severe judgment. He’s turned it into a Third
World nation.

Here’s the message from the prophet Ezekial.

“Cast away from you all your transgressions whereby ye have
transgressed. Make you a
new heart, a new spirit, for why would you die, oh house of
Israel? I have no pleasure in
the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God. Wherefore turn
yourselves and live.”

Folks, God knows the pain and sorrow of the death of the
innocent. Who could be more
innocent than his own son? Who is more innocent?

God laid the sins of the whole world on the back of his own sin
and let wicked men kill
him! So don’t tell me that He’s not a feeling God. That He
doesn’t feel pain.

He said, “I take no pleasure in this.”

And I’ll tell you why God bottles tears because they are his own
tears He’s retrieving.
He weeps through those who are His beloved children. Every tear
you shed as a believer
in Jesus, and lover of Christ, those are the tears of God.
Jesus is still a man and he weeps
and He weeps through His children. It’s the only evidence He
can give.

I tell you now, Jesus has been weeping. God pity’s and He weeps
but his justice and his
righteousness force Him to restrain his pity and carry out
righteous judgments as a last
resort. His justice demands that He lay these sins on His son
and that an innocent son of God would die.

Oh yes, so many innocent people have died. Not that there was
personal judgment on
them. Many righteous died. But God’s trying to save a nation.

Now what’s going to happen if this nation misses the message and
we don’t turn back to
the Lord? The window of opportunity is very short now. What’s
going to happen if
abortion continues and we end up killing born babies for
research purposes?

If we continue rubbing the precious name of Jesus out of our
American history? That’s
what they’re trying to do now. All of the school books are
being re-written, the majority
of school books are being re-written to remove God’s name from
American history. Right now.

What happens if we re-build bigger and better only to enrich
ourselves even more? And
all the talk I hear now is that somebody is going to build the
towers bigger and better than ever.

What’s going to happen if we don’t trust God now instead of
trusting our armed might?
Let me answer that question, not out of my own heart, not out of
speculation, but the
word of Isaiah clearly tells us what follows the rejection of
His call to repentance and
turning to pride and boasting of greatness.

The Bible says there will be devouring fire mounting to the
heavens, darkness over the
land, national disunity, a stricken economy, every man out for
himself to survive.

Now listen to the scripture. “For wickedness burneth as the
fire: it shall devour the
briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the
forest, and they shall mount up
like the lifting up of smoke. “Through the wrath of the Lord of
hosts is the land
darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire: no
man shall spare his brother.” (Isaiah 9:18, 19)

It will be every man for himself.

“He shall snatch on the right hand, and be hungry.”

God’s going to touch the economy.

“.and he shall eat on the left hand, and they shall not be
satisfied: they shall eat every
man the flesh of his own arm.” (verse 20)

That means he’s going to protect his little world and God help
you if you try to get near the flesh of his own arm.

Let me read to you a message I delivered from this pulpit. It
was September 7, 1992. It’s
entitled, “A Prophetic Warning to New York City”. Some of you
where here, perhaps, in
1992. Let me read this. This is from this very pulpit.

Right now, I believe God is speaking a warning to New York City
and I wrestled with
His severe word as I prepared this message and I prayed, Lord,
is this really going to happen?

Again and again I heard this still small voice, “Preach it and
warn the people. Those who
want the truth will receive it.”

Dear Saint:

This warning is not meant to scare you. It’s meant only for
you to
take to the Lord and pray. This is what I believe the Lord has
shown me.

Thirty days of chastisement will fall on New York City
such as
the world has never seen. God’s going to let down the
Unimaginable violence, looting, a thousand fires will be
at the same time throughout the city and it’s burroughs.

Times Square will be ablaze and the flames that ascend
into the
heaven will be seen for miles. Fire trucks will not be
able to
handle it all.
Trains and buses will be shut down. Billions of dollars
be lost. Broadway shows will stop completely. It will
businesses to flee the city in an unstoppable hemorrhage.

The violence will be ferocious. It will shock the whole
Our streets will be lined not just with National Guard but
the militia.

The Los Angeles fires were confined to a few sections of
their city but New York will be ablaze and its burroughs.

Such things are expected in Third World countries but
not in a civilized nation like the United States. Yet in
not too long a time afterward New York City will go bankrupt.
The city’s Queen city will be cast into the dirt. A city
of poverty.

You ask, when will all this happen? All I can say is I
believe I will be here when it happens. When it happens,
no matter where we are, in your apartment or on the job,
God’s people are not to panic or fear.”

I’ve been asked. so many calls in our Texas office.
“Brother Dave, the web sites are covering this all over the
United States. Is this what you saw?”

My answer is, “No, it’s not. Not at all.”

What I see is far more, far more severe. The heartland won’t be
spared. Because you
see, if we turn away from God now, if we don’t have voices
rising, then this is what
happened to Israel. The whole nation came under economic

You see, I don’t like to hear this. Folks, we didn’t want to
hear it then [in 1992] and it’s happened and now we weep.

You say, “Well can’t any of this be avoided?”

Absolutely yes. Yes!

If this President proves to be a Josiah, a man who sought the
Lord with all his heart
according to God’s pattern or the tracks of the Holy Spirit we
may be given a reprieve for
as long as we have a godly man who does not turn to the right or
to the left but
completely trembles at the word of God.

Turn to II Kings and I’ll give you that hope if you will. If
you want to know what to pray
about, folks, this is it. Pray that God will cause President
Bush to tremble at the word of
God, that he will stay on his knees and not be turned aside by

God said, as long as you are in power, as long as you weep
before me, as long as you
don’t turn to the right or to the left, as long as you tremble
at my word, you will not see
what is coming. It will not come under your rule. It will not
come in your time.

My prayer is that we would pray that desperately and event his
morning before we close
this service, to call this church to pray that God give the
spirit of Josiah in the White House.

Our Attorney General Ashcroft is a Pentecostal believer full of
the Holy Spirit. There are
prayer meetings every day in the White House. We need to plead
with God that the spirit
of Josiah, the same spirit that rested on him.

Folks, not that we should be afraid of what is coming but to
give us some time to
evangelize. There seems to be a visitation of the Holy Spirit
that is running in parallel
with these judgments. There seems to be God speaking all over
the land.

Churches in Dallas, churches in Denver are being packed with
people. This is happening even before.
Prayer meetings. and these are the Christians, these are the
believers that are coming
together. There’s a temporary pull and call among those who are
not believers.

But folks, this is the hope and here’s what the prophet
Zechariah said, “Thus saith the
Lord of Hosts, turn ye unto me, saith the Lord, and I will turn
to you.”

… God said, if you will just turn.

We can’t reach the world from this pulpit. But you see, yes, I
pray that the nation
repents. But my most intense prayer is for my own heart.

Lord, let me be holy turned to you. Let me have a repentant
heart. Let me judge my sins
that I may not be judged before the throne. I’m not looking at
somebody else.

Folks, you can’t find anywhere in this particular thing where
God blamed sinners. He
didn’t blame homosexuals, he didn’t blame those.

He said, it’s because of your pride and your cry of greatness.
In your troubled times and
in your grief you didn’t turn to me with all your heart. You
didn’t come against yours
sins but you turned to your own strength and you turned because
you were wounded in pride. Your pride rose up.

God says, if you will turn to me with all your heart I will
repent of what I had planned for you.

We can’t repent for the rest of New York but we can repent for
ourselves and our
repentance this morning can rise to high heaven and touch the
throne of God. We can
move the heart of God, I believe that with everything in us.

Folks, listen to me please. We want to remember in prayer our
President. President
Bush, when he was a candidate, one of his first speeches was
given at our Teen Challenge
Center in Lubbock. We have a copy of his speech and he said, “I
was an alcoholic and
Jesus saved me not only from alcoholism but from sin. I’ve
given my heart to Jesus Christ.”

Now folks, we’re to pray for our leaders even if they were evil.
How much more for
those that have been placed in the power and such a strategic
time? You may not agree
with his politics but folks, if you’re a Christian, forget
politics right now and let’s lay hold of God.

Extracts from:

Timesquare Church

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The Danger in the Middle East

Are we yet aware of the danger that in the Middle East the United Nations may come to be regarded and mistrusted and hated as the guardian of the New World Order—the New Age trappings for the old Humanistic conspiracy of the Left and Right together? The danger of Russia and the United States is the seen danger, and a grave one it is. Seen, it must in time be settled by peace or war. The danger of the Orient versus Occident—of Islamic culture versus Christian culture-seems as yet unseen. That could be ruinous. We may well succumb to it from not seeing. We must not assume in the days ahead that the crisis in the Middle East can be solved through military alliance, political connivance, or strategic initiative. Beware of the politicians or the coalitions that propose such a solution—they may be fairly regarded, whether from the Left or the Right as part of the same entrenched interests that have stood against the Christian faith and have fought for a mechanical imposition of the New Age or the New World Order since the time of the fall.”

Kermit Roosevelt (Youngest son of Theodore Roosevelt) Written in 1949.

Quoted by David L. Johnson in his work Theodore Roosevelt: American Monarch.

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Message to Anzac List – Attacks In America

Dear friends,
My name is Andrew Strom and some of you
may remember me as the founder of this List. I handed it over
to Robert as Moderator a couple of years ago. The urgency of
unfolding events and the fact that Robert is stuck in the USA
has brought me back to the helm for a time. There are some
very urgent and important prophetic items to put before you all.

Below is an email I sent out two days after the recent cataclysm
under the title – “HORN” OF U.S FINANCIAL POWER -GONE.
There were quite a few confirmations of it, but also a few people
who questioned whether it was somehow ‘Anti-American’. This
is absolutely not the case, but I guess it is a pretty sensitive
time for many Americans. I have re-read the email several
times and it does not come across that way to me, but as I
said it is a pretty sensitive issue. The overall message to me
is that ‘Revival’ may be about to begin.

As some of you know, my wife and I have felt a call to America
for some years. We love that nation and have friends all over.
So no way are we “anti” American. We love the country and the
people. But if God says that the “Horn” is gone then it is gone.
I cannot back down on a single element of what I said in that
email. However, I certainly apologised for any offense caused.
Here, basically, is a condensed version of the email:

I just wanted to make a comment from a ‘Prophetic’ viewpoint
on the shocking and mind-numbing events of the past two days.

I know that people are still reeling from the horror and devastation
that they have seen. But I am wanting here to put this event into
a wider prophetic context. I was praying today and I believe God
HAS COME DOWN. Now this is very significant not just for the USA
but for the entire world. We have to realise that the “Twin Towers” of
the ‘WORLD TRADE CENTRE’ were literally at the centre of the world
financial system. A “horn” is always symbolic of power and strength.
And now it is gone. I believe this could be very prophetic.

The other thing that fell along with that Tower was the enormous
“MEDIA” array on top of it, including TV transmission masts, etc.
This is also enormously significant, for the US has led the world
in terms of massive media influence and output for years. This era
may also be coming to an end.

Now despite the alarm that all this might bring – I believe we
are also entering a tremendous new era in the spirit. Robert
Holmes received a prophecy from God on Dec 5 2000 that
2001 would see the “release of the Sons of Thunder” (-new
music) and also the beginning of the ‘Civil War’ in the church.
I believe this is accurate (-though I have always hated the
thought of a Civil War in the church). We have entered a
whole new era in the spirit. It is starting right now.

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We need some kind of warning!

I sat in horror on the morning of the 11th of September 2001. I was in Kansas
City, Kansas, watching the impact of two aircraft on the world trade towers, the
aircraft plummeting into the Pentagon, another seemingly on it’s way to Camp
David crashing into western Pennsylvania. As the day unfolded my heart was
deeply moved. I felt sorrow for the US, though I am not a citizen. Concern for a
relative in New York. Relief that I was safe, for I was due to fly later that day
and my flight was canceled. I also felt rising anger, but not at the perpetrators.
It was a frustration, a whispering in my spirit that the voice of the church had
been largely silent prior to this national tragedy. Why was there no warning of
yesterday’s events, or the tidal waves that hit P.N.G. or of the explosion of Mt
St Helens?

But today those feelings have passed. Today I am touched by concern for the
minorities in the US. For the taxi drivers in New York who are in hiding. For the
Middle Eastern families who may rapidly become targets of racial frustration.
Today I am burdened for the church, and for her prophets – the eyes and ears
of the church.

The nation of Canada has an early warning defense system. It was constructed
in the 1940’s to ready the people for incoming attack aircrafts. The sirens, air
horns, warning systems and wiring still stand today. You can go to any major
city in Canada and see these massive horns on stands, street corners, roofs
and shopping centers. This system was tested just a year ago and guess what
they found. Less than 10% of the system is still functional. For the most part,
these air raid sirens have become nesting places for birds, squirrels and other

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of men to seek it out
(Prov. 25:2). Why is it then that so much of what God has concealed remains
concealed? Consider Christ’s warning that: “the eye is the lamp of the body. If
your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light; but if it is not healthy, your
body is full of darkness” (Luke 11:34). If the gift of prophetic insight is not alive
and well in the church, the whole body will be in the dark, or at least partially

An early warning system

Some years ago there was a movie in the box office called “Twister”. In one
scene a town was destroyed by a tornado. A woman was talking to her ‘twister
chasing’ niece and she remarked, “Jo, we just didn’t have any warning. No
broadcast, no phone call, nothing! The sirens went off and seconds later we
were hit… you’ve got to do something to give us more time!” As she said this, I
wept. I was grieved and deeply moved – in the same way as the events of
yesterday moved me.

In the church our early warning system is the ministry of the prophetic. Just as
in the movie, our ‘systems’ are not providing warning of real danger. God
lamented so long ago to His servant that, “I sought for anyone among them
who would repair the wall and stand in the breach before me on behalf of the
land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one” (Ezek. 22:30).

I am not saying that the prophetic is completely non-functional. The prophetic
has provided good insight to the Scriptures, it has been leaned upon in matters
of church government in some quarters and it has been thoroughly overused in
the realm of personal prophecy. But the prophetic should provide some warning
of national and impending disaster. The Lord told Ezekiel, that the people
should take one of their number as a sentinel, it was his job to look for
judgment coming, for impending incidents. That sentinel had two options if he
saw something. He could blow the trumpet, or decide not to if he was unsure
of what he had seen. Should the trumpet be blown, the people had two options
when they heard the trumpet. They could respond or decide not to (Ezek. 33:2-
6). I wish to explore why our warning system, our watchmen seem to have
been largely silent.

1. Cry wolf syndrome
Sadly the prophetic has done itself a great disservice in crying wolf. Episodes
like the misinterpretation of Y2K by most in the prophetic did much to discredit
the ministry. Leaders learn to ignore the constant warnings given them by
messengers because they have failed to get it right in the past. We must take
responsibility for this, repent and endeavor to get it right in the future.
Immature, untrained, self appointed or eager ministries have also discredited
the prophetic with much ‘doom saying’ and ‘date-setting’ that again and again
turned out to be wrong.

2. We do not want to hear bad news
In the church today many have swung out to an excessive or extreme position
in the prophetic. Many today will not receive a ‘bad report’. We seek only
positive confession, only good news and therefore lean toward those
messengers who tickle our ears. In Jeremiah’s day the Lord said “Blow the
trumpet through the land; shout aloud and say, “Gather together, and let us go
into the fortified cities!” Raise a standard toward Zion, flee for safety, do not
delay” (Jer. 4:5). Sadly the leaders of Israel at the time took Jeremiah’s report
rather poorly, and did not respond to the warnings.

3. Abuse
In some quarters we have abused our watchmen. Many of them have either
been asked to leave, or have left voluntarily. There are good reasons behind
asking some to leave, as outlined above. There are also some good reasons
why valid prophetic ministries would decide to leave and remain silent. Men
like Jeremiah, who gave true warning to the leaders, was abused by his
‘church’. “Pashur struck the prophet…and put him in stocks”! (Jer 20:2). To the
warning of danger, they retorted, “You shall die! Why have you prophesied like
this?” (26:9). Jeremiah earnestly wanted his city to be prepared, but they
continued in their unbelief.


The Body of Christ functions best when it’s eyes and ears function. We not
only need to restore the watchmen to their place on the walls, but to also heed
their advice rather than rejecting them. The report they bring to us may not
always be a good report. But still we should not stone the messenger for the
message they bring. We should take careful note, get further confirmation and
then take action.

The other side of the coin is for prophetic individuals to understand that without
the Body, they are nothing. Their ministry is without effect unless they are
rightly attached to Christ- and His Body. The watchmen need to take care and
only say what they see, endeavoring not to manipulate leadership with ‘a word’
and not falling into despair when things do not work out the way they had

We see a perfect example of the way an early warning system functioned well
in the New Testament, in the ministry of Agabus. Agabus came from
Jerusalem to Antioch and warned them of a coming famine – he blew the
trumpet, he said what he saw and they listened. Thankfully they also
responded. Everywhere the disciples went they took up offerings for the church
in that region, preparing them financially for the famine that came just as
Agabus had declared (Acts 11:27-30).

I look forward to the time when the congregation of the saints can say, “We
are in fear of nothing for the Lord has appointed watchmen for our walls, and
they provide good testimony of the coming of God and the movements of our
enemies.” Leaders, servants, prophetic persons and all the Body must work
together in this effort if it is to succeed. We should pray that eye salve be
brought, that we may restore sight to the blind, and that we remove our hands
from over the eyes and respond willingly to what the eyes are seeing.

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A Field of Dreams or Nightmares?

Several years ago, while I was praying about the future of our economy, I was given a vision of a long, lush, green field. I felt that represented a long period of economic prosperity, which has generally been the case since that time. While praying in the August of 1995, I saw this field in a vision again, but with much more detail. The end of the field was covered in fog. Not far into the fog there was a very steep cliff. In the middle of the cliff there was a narrow, twisting, steep path that appeared like a descending bridge. It had the same green grass on it that the field did, and went all the way to the bottom.

Those who walked into the fog almost all missed the little path and fell over the cliff. Some of these died, but there were nets below the cliffs that caught many of them. However, these nets were not there to save the people but to trap them. Others entered the fog carefully, dropping to their knees and searching for the path, which they seemed to intuitively know was there. Most of those looking for the path were able find it, and carefully started down on their knees. A very few people had parachutes, and they jumped off the cliff into the fog.

At the bottom there was a sea with four kinds of ships in the harbor slave ships, warships, luxury liners, and hospital ships. Most of the ships were slavers. The next greatest number were warships. There were only five hospital ships, all of which were on clean, well kept docks right in the middle of the harbor. The two luxury liners were docked at each end of the harbor. There were an abundance of supplies on their docks, but both the docks and ships looked filthy and poorly maintained. No warships were docked, but kept moving about in the harbor.

The people who fell into the nets were put on the slave ships. Most of those who made it down the steep paths headed for the hospital ships, but many did head for the luxury liners. Of those who headed for the luxury liners, some were captured and made to board a slave ship. The luxury liners were closely guarded, and obviously under the control of the warships. The warships occasionally took people from the slave ships and luxury liners, and they were taking whoever they wanted; they could not be resisted.

Those from the hospital ships were also taking people from the other ships, but they were only taking those who were the weakest, or who were so sick or wounded that they were not expected to live. The crewmen of the hospital ships were shown respect because they wore brilliant armor that seemed to confound everyone else. Those who were jumping off the cliff with the parachutes were all landing on the hospital ships or their docks.

When a slave ship would fill up it would depart, making frequent turns as if it really did not know where it was going. The warships were also making so many turns that it seemed impossible to tell which they would go next. Any ship that happened to be in the way of a warship when it turned was blasted and sunk by the warship. If the warships turned toward each other they started shooting at each other until one was sunk.

Because of the fog many ships collided with other ships and sank. The water was filled with sharks that quickly devoured those who fell into it. The confusion, despair and fear over the harbor was as thick as the fog. When the fog thickened, these fears would intensify. When the fog would thin a little, hope would begin to rise in the people. When the fog lifted enough the open sea could be seen, and the ships would begin heading for it.

The hospital ships were also the only ones who seemed to be sailing as if they knew where they were going. They could sail right through the chaos in the harbor and into the open sea at will. One or two of them were constantly going out to sea, disappearing for a time, and then they would return. Then another would go and do the same.

As I followed one of these ships to the open sea in the vision, all of a sudden it was if I was standing on the bridge of the ship. The further out we went, the more the sky cleared. Soon it became more blue than I had ever seen I, except when flying in a high altitude jet. I was so intrigued by the sky that I had not been watching the sea. When I looked back at I saw that were actually flying at a very high altitude.

I thought that we were going out in to space, but soon we descended toward what appeared to a whole new world. It was composed of islands, each with different culture of people on it. The wounded on our hospital ship were placed on several of the different islands, so that each wounded person was placed with those from his or her own culture.

These islands were at perfect peace, and there were beautiful white bridges connecting them to one another, with a constant flow of people on the bridges. On each island vast foundations were being laid for a great city.

Even though each island was very different, and different from any place that I had ever seen, I felt immediately at home on each one. They were each like paradise, and though they seemed to be on a different world, I knew that they were somehow very close to the one I had just left.

Interpretation and Insights:

That I can now see the end of this field indicates the end of our economic prosperity is now in sight. What I saw at the end was much more catastrophic than I had ever thought. There are some very dark times ahead, but at the same time there is a whole new world being built right in our midst that is more wonderful than we can even imagine.

To the degree that we have built our lives and faith on the economy of the world, we have built on a very shaky foundation. We know that the time will come when everything that can be shaken will be. The time that we have been given until that happens is for the purpose of preparation. Let us build our hope and trust on the kingdom which alone cannot be shaken.

Those who kept walking into the fog just as they had been walking in the open field, not discerning, or not acknowledging the change, either perished, or fell in to slavery. Those who immediately fell to their knees were able to find a safe way down, but still led down. They had to stay on their knees all the way; no one could have stood up on that slope because was too steep and narrow. Falling to our knees speaks of prayer. As soon as we see the fog, or confusion, we must pray for every step we take thereafter.

That no one ascended, but all went down to the bottom of the cliff spoke to me that the economy of the whole world was going down. Many will survive what is coming, but not at the level they are presently. Much of our present standard of living has been built upon credit, borrowing from the future, and the future is now here. We are fast approaching the time when bills will have to be paid. That will cause a drastic reduction in our present lifestyles.

I felt that the slave ships were banks. During the Great Depression, banks were so over extended that most of them failed. Somehow, they have now positioned themselves to no only survive another economic collapse, but will actually be in a place to enslave those who are in debt to them.

The warships were all different sizes, and I felt represented different powers. Their efforts were not coordinated, but they all seemed to be in as much confusion as everyone else, and all seemed to be at war with one another. They lived by plundering the other ships, and each other. I believe that in the times ahead small wars will be flashing up almost everywhere, and without reason. Anyone who just gets in the way of those with some power will be in trouble.

The luxury ships were so filthy that it seemed only slightly better to be on one of them instead of a slave or warship. It was obvious that the luxury of the future will be not be as we know it today. Also, the luxury ships were constantly being plundered by the warships, making them almost an intolerable place to be. Even a hint of luxury in the future may only serve to make us targets.

I knew that the hospital ships were the church. They were glistening white with red crosses on them. They were so bright and clean that they stood out dramatically in this vision. White speaks of purity, and the red crosses spoke to me that they were bearing the cross. Red is also the color of sacrifice. These ships were so beautiful that anyone would have wanted to be on them. The church will become the most desirable place in the world to be, and the church will become the pure vessel she is called to be when she takes up the cross, committing herself to the life of sacrifice. In the times ahead the life of sacrifice and service to others will be the most desirable life in the world, and will actually be a glorious place to dwell.

The people on the hospital ships each wore brilliant, silver armor. They, too, stood out dramatically whenever they appeared, and this caused everyone to show them great respect, even the warships. This spoke to me that when believers learn to wear their armor, they are going to command the whole worlds respect, and have authority because of it.

The docks of the hospital ships were also spotless, and were overflowing with supplies. There was far more wealth on them than on the luxury ships, but the wealth was being used for service, not luxury. Because the individuals with the armor, and the hospital ships, commanded such respect, no one was trying to plunder their great stocks of supplies, even though they were obvious to everyone.

When a hospital ship pulled between two warships that were fighting, they would stop fighting, and give them their wounded. It seemed that this was one of the primary purposes of these ships, to simply stop the fighting whenever they could.

In the midst of the chaos of this place, the dignity, resolve and purpose that the Christians and their ships moved with was stunning. The greatest feeling came over me when I stood on the bridge of the ship leaving for the open sea. That feeling was freedom. As soon as we entered the open sea we ascended into the heavenly places. Once out of the fog we did not travel on the earth. When we came back down it was to be a seemingly new earth, even though I knew somehow that it was right in the middle of what I had left.

That entered this extraordinary freedom on a hospital ship speaks of finding our true peace when we take up our crosses to serve others. When we do that we will begin to dwell in the heavenly places. Then we will see the earth very differently, we will see what God is doing. I really felt that those paradise islands were already in our midst, but we just could not see them yet.

At the very time when the world descends into a terrible chaos, which will probably begin with economic chaos, God is building bridges between peoples that will be the foundation of a glorious future. The end of this age is the beginning of the one over which Chris will reign. In Revelation 17:15 we are told that, The waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues.” The sea often represents mass humanity in prophetic language. That the sea at the bottom of the cliff was in the most terrible chaos represents what the kingdoms of this world are headed for. The islands represent that the Lord is also laying a foundation for His kingdom, right in our midst, at this same time. That I knew these islands were close to the sea of confusion, spoke to me what the Lord is about to build on the earth is also very close at hand.

The bridges are right now being built between peoples. The bridges were for interchange, and it was obvious to me that each island was building something wonderful, as if it were the best from their culture, in order to share it with the other islands. That new foundations were being laid for cities represented a whole new beginning for the earth. What is now being built for the Lord, for the sake of His kingdom, will remain and be a foundation for the age to come.

Note: This prophecy is taken from the
Journal Vol. 6 No.2 © 1996.

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